About the Site

Legacy of WCW aims to provide one of the most comprehensive looks at the history of pro wrestling’s former #2 promotion ever written. Featuring reviews of every major TV episode/PPV event I can find from 1991 (when WCW officially split from the NWA and became its own entity) up until its untimely demise in 2001 (when the company was sold for peanuts after two creatively bankrupt years), in as much of a chronological order as humanly possible, Legacy of WCW hopes to keep the memory of World Championship Wrestling alive and provide a fresh take on the company’s history, revisionist-free.

About the Author

Jon has been writing on the internet for free and for money (mostly the former) since 2009, first covering the movie industry and then transitioning to pro wrestling in 2013. His work can be found everywhere from reputable sites like 411Mania to projects he has created and then abandoned shortly after. Jon resides smack dab between the D and FW of Texas. Follow him on Twitter and make sure to throw shade at the fact he wrote his own bio in the third person.

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