[TV Review] Worldwide – 1.12.91

wcw worldwide

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell

We’re one week in and WCW is already running dangerously low on pretaped footage so Worldwide this week pads the show with matches we’ve already seen plus a couple of squashes and the debut of the absolutely ridiculous (in a fun way I think?) interview segment Sullivan’s Saloon.

The Lineup

  • Lex Luger vs. Mike Hart (Main Event 1.6.91)
  • Bobby Eaton vs. Tommy Angel (Power Hour 1.12.91)
  • Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers (Power Hour 1.12.91)
  • Brian Pillman vs. Dutch Mantell (Power Hour 1.12.91)
  • Sullivan’s Saloon w/ The Fabulous Freebirds
  • Rick Steiner vs. Topp Gallian
  • ‘Lethal’ Larry Cameron vs. Ray Hammer
  • End of Show Interview: Lethal Larry & Theodore R. Long

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[TV Review] Pro – 1.12.91


Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko

Television gold is on the line this week as The Z-Man defends his championship against Moondog Rex. Yes a Moondog is getting a singles title shot on WCW TV. Crazy, right? Also on the show The Danger Zone focuses on trying to put over MinotaurArn Anderson & Barry Windham promise ‘legal’ violence, and Teddy Long cuts a promo for Doom with one Doom member missing.

The Lineup

  • Brian Pillman vs. Tom Burke
  • Vignette: Windham & Anderson
  • Sid Vicious vs. Mountain Man Bailey
  • The Danger Zone w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Minotaur
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. Jeff Sword & Mark Kyle
  • The Brickhouse Bonus
  • Tom Zenk (c) vs. Moondog Rex for the WCW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Konnan vs. Barry Horowitz
  • Promo: Teddy Long & Ron Simmons
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Scotty Williams

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[TV Review] Power Hour – 1.12.91


Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

Brian Pillman and Dutch Mantell look to settle their four month-long feud with one another in the main event of this week’s Power Hour. Did you know they were feuding? Me either. Also on the show we get a look back at the debut of MinotaurTerry Taylor‘s bad luck, and The Steiner Brothers winning the Pat O’ Connor Tag Team Tournament at Starrcade 1990.

The Lineup

  • Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers
  • Clip: Minotaur’s debut (World Championship Wrestling 1.5.91)
  • Bobby Eaton vs. Tommy Angel
  • Clip: Freebirds injure Trucker Norman (Main Event 1.6.91)
  • Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
  • Clip: Terry Taylor vs. Arn Anderson (World Championship Wrestling 1.5.91)
  • Terry Taylor vs. Mike Thor
  • Clip: Steiner Brothers vs. Great Muta & Masa Saito (Starrcade 1990)
  • Brian Pillman vs. Dutch Mantell

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[TV Review] Main Event – 1.6.91

WCW Main Event

Commentators: Jim Ross & Missy Hyatt

This week’s featured match is a tag team contest between The Fabulous Freebirds and the weird mash-up of goofy gimmicks team Trucker Norman and The Juicer. This is Juicer’s one and only appearance in 1991 as he was fired due to sexual assault allegations stemming from his time in Portland. Starting a review on a downer, that’s my jam.

The Lineup

  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Dave Johnson
  • The Danger Zone w/ Paul E. Dangerously
  • Tommy Rich vs. Buddy Landell
  • Allen Iron Eagle & Tim Horner vs. George South & Doug Vines
  • Lex Luger vs. Mike Hart
  • Trucker Norman & The Juicer vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

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[TV Review] World Championship Wrestling – 1.5.91

WCW SN 1991

Commentators: Jim Ross & Bob Caudle

Before it was called Saturday Night the flagship show of World Championship Wrestling was simply known as…World Championship Wrestling. This changes soon enough during 1991 so I’m going to still tag it as Saturday Night on the website. The feud between Terry Taylor and Arn Anderson reaches its conclusion this week as the two face off once again, but this time there will supposedly be a clear and distinct winner. The Z-Man also makes his first defense of the Television Title against a…masked gimmick character from the Buddy Rogers era. WCW rules, man.

The Lineup

  • Sid Vicious vs. Pablo Crenshaw
  • Brian Pillman vs. Rip Rogers
  • Bobby Eaton vs. Reno Riggins
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. Ed Brock & Chuck Coats
  • Minotaur vs. Mountain Man Bailey
  • Lex Luger vs. Mike Samples
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Greg(g) Sawyer
  • Tom Zenk (c) vs. Dr. X for the WCW World Television Championship
  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Keith Hart & Jamie McKinnon
  • WCW Classics w/ Gordon Solie
  • Terry Taylor vs. Arn Anderson
  • JR Interviews Lawrence Taylor
  • Tim Horner vs. George South

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[TV Review] Worldwide – 1.5.91

wcw worldwide

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Dutch Mantell

Worldwide is the third (!) of four (!!) shows to air on Saturday from WCW. Granted it’s syndication so it did probably vary from area to area but I’m going with the stuff I’ve seen on the internet and the internet never lies to me. Main event is, uh, Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton but not the one from Power Hour. In fact it turns out the Power Hour one was from two weeks ago and originally aired on Worldwide. WCW continuity is going to drive me crazier than I already am, can’t wait!

The Lineup

  • The Master Blasters vs. Pablo Crenshaw & Todd Brewer
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Dave Johnson
  • Wrestling Wrap-Up w/ Gordon Solie
  • Tom Zenk vs. Tim Hughes
  • The Big Cat vs. Jamie McKinnon
  • Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Scott Sadlin

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[TV Review] Pro – 1.5.91


Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko

The Fabulous Freebirds are in the main event this week on Pro as they take on the makeshift team of Tracy Smothers and ‘The Candyman’ Brad Armstrong. Also on the show The State Patrol actually pick up a win and this might be the only time any of us see this happen on this website so let’s enjoy it.

The Lineup

  • Terry Taylor vs. Dutch Mantell
  • Sid Vicious vs. Darnell Yates
  • The Danger Zone w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Sting
  • The State Patrol vs. Italian Stallion & Brett Wayne
  • Brian Pillman vs. Crusher Knopf
  • Rip Rogers vs. Buddy Landell
  • Tracy Smothers & Brad Armstrong vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

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[TV Review] Power Hour – 1.5.91


Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

1991 kicks off with some leftover footage from 1990 as the now disbanded team of Brian Pillman & The Z-Man are in action. Plus in the main event Ricky Morton takes on longtime enemy Bobby Eaton in singles action.

The Lineup

  • Flyin’ Brian & The Z-Man vs. Ed Brock & Joe Cazana
  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Tommy Angel & Rob Morgan
  • Rick Steiner vs. Chuck Coats
  • Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
  • Terry Taylor vs. Brian Carr
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Rick Hardrock
  • Sid Vicious vs. Dave Perry
  • Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton

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