[TV Rundown] ‘POWER HOUR’ 07.27.1991 – Old Matches, I Wish I Could See These Omni Shows

COMMENTATORS: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

This week’s Power Hour features rehashed footage from two weeks ago, plus some talk about a big August 25th Omni show we’ll never get to see and some…poor phrasing from Paul E. Dangerously in regards to Mr. Hughes. Yeesh.


  • WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The Total Package” Lex Luger
  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Stunning” Steve Austin
  • WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Badstreet & The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)



“The Rapmaster” PN News defeated John Peterson via pinfall with the Rap Splash (2:23)

  • News’ finish is back to being called the “Broken Record” apparently but I’ve already made the change and will not go back, you can’t make me. 

-CLIP: Johnny B. Badd talks jewelry with Lady Blossom during Steve Austin’s match against Jim Manning (World Championship Wrestling – 07.20.1991)

“Stunning” Steve Austin [w/ Lady Blossom] defeated Keno McKenzie via pinfall after a Stun Gun/faceslam combo (3:27)

The Diamond Studd [w/ “Diamond” Dallas Page] defeated Rick Ryder via pinfall with the Diamond Death Drop (3:00)

  • Ross hyped Studd’s match against Ron Simmons scheduled for tomorrow’s Main Event. I’m down.


  • 10. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
  • 09. Johnny B. Badd
  • 08. One Man Gang
  • 07. Diamond Studd
  • 06. “Stunning” Steve Austin (World Television Champion)
  • 05. El Gigante
  • 04. “The All-American” Ron Simmons
  • 03. Sting
  • 02. “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff
  • 01. Barry Windham
  • WORLD CHAMP: “The Total Package” Lex Luger

“The All-American” Ron Simmons defeated Bob Cook via pinfall with the flying shoulderblock (3:57)

  • Simmons gets a lot of hype during this one on commentary, as he will be challenging Lex Luger for the World Championship at the Omni on August 25th. 


Gordon Solie discusses the vacant WCW World Tag Team Championship, hyping the tournament that begins tonight on World Championship Wrestling. Two clips get shown of The Hardliners injuring both Steiner Brothers which led to the titles being vacated (Scott being injured for real). Solie then takes it to a clip of The Fabulous Freebirds winning the U.S. Tag Team Championship at SuperBrawl: Return from the Rising Sun back in May. Solie commends the WCW Board of Directors for acting within the bylaws of WCW by stripping The Steiner Brothers of the Tag Team Championship, ever the company man. 

The Hardliners (“Dirty” Dick Slater & Dick Murdoch) defeated Sonny Trout & Chris Sullivan when Slater made Sullivan submit to a key lock (5:12)

  • Ross casually mentions that the also vacated United States Heavyweight Championship will be decided in a one-night tournament at the August 25th Omni event. Of course we don’t have the full show on tape because f*ck WCW. 

-Dangerously calls tonight’s Freebirds/Hardliners contest a “dream match”. Fair enough.

-Before the next match Ross mentions it was taped while Mr. Hughes was employed by The York Foundation and he has since gone on to a job with World Champ Lex Luger. I appreciate that.

Mr. Hughes [w/ Alexandra York, “The Computerized Man of the 1990s” Terrence Taylor, & Richard Morton] defeated Scott Allen via pinfall with a side slam (3:26)

  • Ross talks about Hughes possibly no longer wrestling now that he’s an employee of Lex Luger. I hope that’s not true, I loves me some Hughes.
  • Dangerously mentions that Mr. Hughes was “on the auction block” for Luger to pick up which is NOT THE WAY YOU WANT TO SAY THAT WHAT THE F*CK.
  • POST-MATCH: Robert Gibson and Dustin Rhodes get into a brawl with The York Foundation, Gibson scaring them off with a chair. 

-Ross makes the hard sell for tonight’s World Championship Wrestling which will have more information on the now-vacant United States Heavyweight Championship. Glad they’re addressing it.


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