[TV Rundown] ‘PRO CHICAGO’ 07.27.1991 – Austin vs. Yellow Dog, Todd Champion Debuts, Bill Kazmaier Strong

COMMENTATORS: Tony Schaivone & “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko

The World Television Championship is on the line this week as “Stunning” Steve Austin defends against the “mysterious” Yellow Dog. Also on the show Big Josh takes on One Man Gang, Mr. Hughes is still palling around with The York Foundation until they tape some new footage, and Todd Champion of The WCW Patriots makes his in-ring debut.


  • WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The Total Package” Lex Luger
  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Stunning” Steve Austin
  • WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Badstreet & The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)


  • Nikita Koloff vs. Joe Bruce
  • PROMO: Nikita Koloff
  • El Gigante vs. Lou Fabiano
  • Big Josh vs. One Man Gang (NR)
  • BRICKHOUSE BONUS w/ Jack Brickhouse
  • IN-RING SEGMENT: An Exhibition of Strength w/ Bill Kazmaier
  • Todd Champion vs. Bob Cook
  • LARRY Z’S LEGENDS w/ Larry Zbyszko, Lex Luger, Harley Race, & Mr. Hughes
  • Richard Morton vs. Chris Sullivan
  • Steve Austin [c] vs. Yellow Dog for the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (*1/2)


-LAST WEEK: The Yellow Dog fought to save his mask against Steve Austin & The Diamond Studd.

-Schiavone and Zbyszko are remote from Lakeshore Drive, the banks of Lake Michigan. Two big main events tonight: Big Josh vs. One Man Gang and Yellow Dog vs. Steve Austin. 

“The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff defeated Joe Bruce via pinfall with the Russian Sickle (2:30)

  • Schiavone and Zbyszko hype the August 17th event at the UIC Pavilion. Koloff is slated to meet Sting in a Texas Death Match, which sounds cool as f*ck. 
  • POST-MATCH: Koloff punishes Bruce with a cobra clutch. No one makes the save. Poor guy.

-GREEN SCREEN PROMO: Nikita Koloff doesn’t care if it’s the little Stingers or big Stingers or Sting himself that gets in his way as no one is safe. Koloff vows to become the United States Champion but in the meantime he’s going to hurt Sting. You know, as a treat.

El Gigante defeated Lou Fabiano via pinfall with the Claw (1:06)

  • PRE-RECORDED COMMENTS: El Gigante says that having his head shaved has made him stronger. That’s now how biology works. Wait does it? I failed it in high school. Twice. 

-Schiavone and Zbyszko are back at the lakefront to hype Josh vs. Gang which is up next.

Big Josh vs. One Man Gang [w/ Kevin Sullivan]

Josh charges and attacks Gang from behind, dropping him with a running forearm. Josh charges, Gang goes down again after a double chop. Sullivan enters the ring and attacks, ref calls for the bell. Aw man.

Big Josh defeated One Man Gang via DQ (0:32)

  • Well damn, I was actually looking forward to this. (NR)

Josh pummels Gang and Sullivan for A LOT longer than you’d expect until the damned numbers game becomes too much. Gang flattens Josh with a pair of 747s but El Gigante makes the save before they can get his hair.

-BRICKHOUSE BONUS: Jack Brickhouse discusses the “mysterious” Yellow Dog and namedrops Ric Flair as someone who could potentially steal the mask.

”The World’s Strongest Man” Bill Kazmaier shows off some freakish strength by lifting a big ol’ weight with his pinky finger, but can’t overcome a faulty mic and is drowned out by the (fake) sounds of the crowd. We do get a Joey Maggs appearance though as he tries to lift the weight first and fails miserably. 

Todd Champion defeated Bob Cook via pinfall with an elbow (0:27)

  • This is Champion’s in-ring debut after a couple of vignette/PSA appearances alongside his Patriots tag team partner Firebreaker Chip. We even get ANOTHER pre-recorded PSA during the match about not doing drugs. I would like to do drugs though.
  • Not all that impressive but it’s a C-show so he’ll overcome it.

-LARRY Z’S LEGENDS: Zbyszko is with “The Total Package” Lex Luger, Harley Race, and Mr. Hughes. Luger says he always had the skills to be World Champion but all he needed was a little Attitude Adjustment; it took a man with the experience of Race to show him how to get it all in place. Luger vows to dominate professional wrestling in the 90s. Race says he didn’t give Luger anything, he just assured him the credentials are there; when something works you do not fix it.

Richard Morton [w/ Alexandra York & Mr. Hughes] defeated Chris Sullivan via pinfall with a diving knee (2:52)

  • Schiavone and Zbyszko talk about Hughes being employed by Lex Luger but no-sell the fact he’s still part of The York Foundation at the time of this taping. Cool guys don’t look at explosions.
  • POST-MATCH: Dustin Rhodes tries to get his hands on Morton but he quickly escapes.

“Stunning” Steve Austin [c] [w/ Lady Blossom] vs. The Yellow Dog for the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP

Austin backs Dog in the corner and goes after the mask, Dog escapes his grasp and connects with a pair of armdrags. Austin complains of a hair pull and the ref is stupid so he confronts Dog about it.  Austin leapfrogs Dog twice but Dog catches on and sends him crashing to the canvas with a dropkick during a third attempt for the 1…2…Austin kicks out and rolls to the floor to get a breather. Austin yanks the mask and pulls Dog to the mat, cinching in an armbar as Schiavone briefly pervs out about Lady Blossom’s dress. Supposedly there are ten minutes remaining but my time says there should be eleven. Either way I don’t like where this is headed. Dog connects with a backdrop and takes Austin back to the mat with an armdrag into an armbar. Camera focuses on this instead of whatever is popping the crowd off-screen. Aw man. Dog sends Austin to the floor with a flying headscissors and chases Blossom around the ring…and right into a driving clothesline from the champ. WHO COULD HAVE FORESEEN THIS? 

Dog tries to re-enter the match, Austin meets him with a knee and sends back to the floor with a clubbing forearm, giving Blossom an opening to choke the challenger. Some people have to pay for that, Yellow Dog should be thrilled. Dog almost gets a surprise pin with a rollup, Austin attacks and Blossom digs her nails into Dog’s eyes. Five minutes remain (7 minutes by my count), Austin drops Dog across the guardrail and chokes him across the top rope. Austin slows things down even more with a reverse chinlock, knee to the spine. Dog escapes, Austin kicks him in the side of the head and covers for the 1…2…challenger kicks out. Dog jackknifes Austin from outta nowhere for the 1…2…champ kicks out and locks in a sleeperhold in the center of the ring. One minute to go and Dog mounts his comeback, connecting with a backdrop and count-along rights in the corner. Blossom trips Dog, Austin drops an elbow to the back of the head. Dog catches Austin with a crucifix but takes too long getting him over and the time expires.

Steve Austin [c] & The Yellow Dog fought to a time-limit draw; Austin retains the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (15:00 officially, 13:14 by my count)

  • I always remembered liking the TV Title having a time limit to it but after a few months of it coming into play I’m ready to call my memories a LIAR. This one had some okay moments but it’s hard to really get anything going when you’re spending the bulk of the match stalling for time. Disappointing. These two would probably make a good tag team though. I envision a Hollywood-style gimmick for them. (*1/2)

Diamond Studd attacks Yellow Dog from behind and manages to get the mask off but Tom Zenk makes the save and Dog slips the mask back on without anyone seeing his identity. Whoops.

-Schiavone and Zbyszko hype next week’s show, which will feature a TV Title match between Steve Austin & The Z-Man. Both men have some pre-recorded comments about this very matchup. Schiavone offers to take Zbyszko out on a boat for next week’s show.


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