[TV Review] World Championship Wrestling – 1.20.91

WCW SN 1991

Commentator: Jim Ross

WCW is on Sunday and only an hour to boot this week but they still manage to jam in a bunch of squash matches, some interview segments, and about two minutes of a promised 8-man tag team match, the rest of which is airing on Main Event. Okay then.

The Lineup

  • Tom Zenk vs. Master Blaster Blade
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Mike Hart
  • Vignette: Paul E. Dangerously ‘Trains’ for Clash of the Champions
  • Terry Taylor vs. Dave Johnson
  • Ringside Interview: Terry Taylor
  • Doom vs. Brian Morley & Ray Diamond
  • Ringside Interview: The Fabulous Freebirds
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force
  • Sting, Brian Pillman, & The Steiner Brothers vs. The Four Horsemen (Partial)

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