[TV Review] Worldwide – 2.9.91

wcw worldwide

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Gordon Solie (!!!)

Worldwide is stacked to the brim this week as not only are we graced with the presence of Gordon Solie on commentary but some of the biggest stars in the company are in action, including the WCW World Heavyweight Champion himself Ric Flair and…Magnum Force Rick. Okay look they aren’t all superstars.

The Lineup

  • Michael Wallstreet vs. David Isley
  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Mike Samples & Magnum Force Rick
  • Sid Vicious vs. Unnamed Jobber w/ Blonde Mullet
  • Ron Simmons vs. Barry Windham
  • Ricky Morton, Tommy Rich, & Junkyard Dog vs. Lt. James Earl Wright & The Master Blasters
  • Ric Flair vs. Mike Hart
  • Sting & Lex Luger vs. Rip Rogers & Dutch Mantell

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