[TV Review] Main Event – 2.24.91 (WrestleWar ’91 Preview)

Hosts: Jim Ross, Dusty Rhodes, & Missy Hyatt

WrestleWar is just a mere hour away so Main Event focuses on video packages hyping the big matches set for the PPV. They also throw in a “funny” video about a “date” between El Gigante and Missy Hyatt. K.

The Lineup

  • A whole bunch of WrestleWar hype videos, plus footage of El Gigante and Missy Hyatt’s date


Jim Ross, Dusty Rhodes, and Missy Hyatt welcome the home audience from Pheonix, the site of WrestleWar in a few short hours. They’re going to see video of Hyatt and El Gigante’s date last night. Hyatt begs them not to show it but it’s happening so she walks off.

Feud Recap Video: Doom vs. Fabulous Freebirds

Diamond Dallas Page tricks Teddy Long into giving his mystery team a match against the Tag Team Champions Doom (Main Event – 2.3.91). The mystery team turns out to be The Fabulous Freebirds who win their match via DQ when Long interferes (Main Event – 2.10.91). Long interrupts a Danger Zone segment to talk trash at DDP and The Freebirds (Main Event – 2.17.91). The Freebirds try to attack Doom after the latter’s match, Butch Reed accidentally hits Ron Simmons and The Freebirds escape unharmed (Pro – 2.23.91).

Feud Recap Video: Tom Zenk vs. Terry Taylor

Zenk and Taylor wrestle a time limit draw, Taylor decks Zenk out of frustration (Main Event – 2.3.17). Their second match ends in a DQ when Taylor throws Zenk over the top rope (Main Event – 2.10.91), their third and fourth matches end in DQ wins for Taylor when Zenk shoves the ref (Main Event – 2.17.91 and Worldwide – 2.23.91).  Their match at WrestleWar will be No-Disqualification.

Feud Recap Video: Sting, Brian Pillman, & The Steiner Brothers vs. The Four Horsemen (WAR GAMES)

These two groups first wrestled one another late last month (Main Event – 1.20.91). That was a great TV match, I wish anything from February even came close to its quality. Match was thrown out due to too much brawling and chaos. Cut to footage of Sting and friends warming up against some scrubs (Worldwide – 2.23.91) as well as The Four Horsemen beating on some other scrubs (Pro – 2.23.91). Ross and Rhodes then talk about the Horsemen’s attack on Pillman last night, which we get footage of after the commercial break. (WCW – 2.23.91). Ross assures us that Pillman will be competing in the War Games tonight despite the attack. Dusty thinks the advantage sides with the Horsemen because they are four healthy men. Except Arn Anderson but shhh.

Cut to footage of El Gigante doing various things, like winning handicap matches (Worldwide – 2.23.91) and yelling at Paul E. Dangerously who will interview him live at WrestleWar. When we go back to Ross and Dusty, Hyatt is trying to seduce Dusty into not showing the video of her date. We then get a special look at Big Van Vader/Stan Hansen, showing the footage from NJPW last year once again to hype the rematch happening tonight. We then get hype for Lex Luger’s U.S. Title defense against Dan Spivey before leading into Spivey’s attack on Luger at Dixie Dynamite which started this feud off. We also get a quick promo from Luger, who doesn’t seem concerned.

Video: El Gigante & Missy Hyatt’s Date

Hyatt and Gigante start their date off at the Hole in a Wall in Phoenix. She tries to get an interview, Gigante refuses because he wants to dance. Gigante plays a slow song on the jukebox so they have to slow dance. She’s not excited and that’s all we get. They forgot the comedy there. Ross and Dusty sign off and it’s time for WrestleWar finally!


Final Thoughts: They used their time wisely to showcase some of the big matches for the PPV which was nice. If you were smart and didn’t watch five WCW TV episodes per week like I do it was a brisk enough way to get the basic jist of the big stuff heading into WrestleWar. That Gigante/Hyatt thing was pretty weak though and not worth the build they did throughout the show.


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