[TV Review] Main Event – 4.7.91

Commentator: Jim Ross

This week on Main Event it’s recycle city as the show is frankensteined with matches from the 3.30.91 and 4.6.91 episodes of Pro, including that tremendous Brian Pillman/Barry Windham stuff from the latter. Paul E. Dangerously also presents Missy Hyatt with a tribute to her journalism career, and as you can guess it’s super nice and not at all demeaning.


  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson
  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Ricky Morton, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich, & The Junkyard Dog


  • Big Josh & Tommy Rich vs. Lou Fabiano & Pat Rose (Pro – 3.30.91)
  • Dustin Rhodes & The Young Pistols vs. Paul Lee & Magnum Force (Pro – 3.30.91)
  • Sid Vicious vs. Randy Starr (Pro – 4.6.91)
  • Ron Simmons vs. Joe Cruz (Pro – 4.6.91)
  • JOINED IN PROGRESS: Mami Kitamura & Itsuki Yamasaki vs. Miss A & Miki Handa (WrestleWar ’91 – 2.24.91)
  • Brian Pillman vs. Barry Windham (Pro – 4.6.91)


-Ross and Missy Hyatt welcome the home audience. This week Paul E. Dangerously has a “special surprise” for Hyatt tonight. I’m sure it’ll be really nice and heartfelt.

Big Josh & “Wildfire” Tommy Rich defeated Lou Fabiano & Pat Rose when Josh pinned Fabiano with a seated splash (2:16)

  • Josh doesn’t understand pro wrestling and keeps entering the ring to congratulate Rich on his various offensive moves. Matt Borne was great.
  • Ross hypes Japan Supershow which starts tonight on PPV.

Grizzly Smith announces the U.S. Tag Team Titles have been vacated, new champs will be decided next month at SuperBrawl. The teams involved will be announced next week.

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes & The Young Pistols (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) defeated Paul Lee & Magnum Force (Rick & Speedy) when Rhodes pinned Magnum Force Somebody with the Bulldog (2:38)

  • Ross hypes next week’s Omni house show. All upper-level seats are only FIVE BUCKS. Man I miss wrestling in the 90s.

Sid Vicious defeated Randy Starr via pinfall with the Power Bomb (2:21)

  • I forgot to time this one when I covered it on Pro so hey at least I watched this again for a reason?
  • POST-MATCH: EMTs put Starr on the stretcher, Sid knocks it over. EMTs put Starr back on, Sid sends it rolling down the aisle. SO GOOD.

Ron Simmons defeated Joe Cruz via pinfall with the spinebuster (2:28)

  • POST-MATCH: Kevin Sullivan distracts Simmons so One Man Gang can attack him from behind. Sullivan and Theodore R. Long hold his limbs so Gang can hit a couple of 747s.

-Hyatt is still naively excited about Dangerously’s surprise for her, despite their months-long feud and his general demeanor. Ma’am.

-JOINED IN PROGRESS: Mami Kitamura & Itsuki Yamasaki vs. Miss A & Miki Handa (WrestleWar ’91 – 2.24.91)

Barry Windham defeated Brian Pillman via pinfall with a roll-up (10:02)

  • Ross talks about how Pillman’s shoulder isn’t 100% yet and decided to wrestle this one in the brace since it was going to be tougher than other matches.
  • This match slapped on Pro yesterday and slaps now. No commercial breaks either, so there’s a little extra to enjoy.
  • RATING: ***1/2

Larry Zbyszko is ringside with the victorious Windham. Windham barely gets a thought about before Pillman attacks him with a double ax from the top turnbuckle! Action moves back into the ring, Windham targets the arm some more, and rolls out to Zbyszko to finish his promo. Windham says Pillman is through but then gets grabbed from behind, as Flyin’ Brian refuses to stay down! Windham back into the ring with a scoop slam and some stomps to the shoulder. El Gigante runs out to check on Pillman as Windham talks some more with Zbyszko. Windham sees Gigante and decides to leave instead of attack some more. THIS STILL F*CKING RULED. Easily my favorite storyline thing they’ve done on WCW TV since I started this site.

Paul E. Dangerously joins Ross and Hyatt. He puts over Hyatt for being a great journalist, then presents his special tribute: a clip of Hyatt getting humiliated in the men’s locker room by Stan Hansen at WrestleWar ’91. Back live Hyatt is obviously upset and argues with Dangerously as Ross signs off.


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