[TV Review] Power Hour – 1.19.91


Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

The Television Championship is on the line this week on Power Hour as The Z-Man defends against ‘Wild’ Bill Irwin. Also on the show Konnan has his final match of this masked run, we find out the main event for Clash of the Champions, and most importantly we’re granted the presence of Magnum Force.

The Lineup

  • The Big Cat & The Motor City Madman vs. Allen Iron Eagle & Greg Sawyer
  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Reno Riggins & Italian Stallion
  • Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force
  • Konnan vs. Chuck Coats
  • Sid Vicious vs. Mountain Man Bailey (Pro 1.12.91)
  • Tom Zenk (c) vs. Bill Irwin for the WCW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP


The Big Cat & The Motor City Madman vs. Allen Iron Eagle & Greg Sawyer
The Motor City Madman wrestles too, good for him. Allen Iron Eagle apparently couldn’t convince Tim Horner to lose with him this week. Cat is pretty agile for a man his size, it’s sad how immobile he becomes once he does the whole Mr. Hughes thing. Iron Eagle eats all of the offense for his team and Madman finishes him off with a forearm to get the victory. He kicked out of the big sidewalk suplex which I’m thinking wasn’t the plan. (2:15)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Our hosts Jim Ross and Paul E. Dangerously talk about the latter’s upcoming Arm Wrestling contest scheduled for COTC. After a commercial they segue into a Fabulous Freebirds promo, where they spend their time trashing The Steiner Brothers to continue building their feud.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Reno Riggins & Italian Stallion
Italian Stallion is super pumped to be here. Respect. I wish I could track down some tapes of his old PWF promotion, I used to read about it all the time in PWI but never got to see it in action. Garvin takes some punishment from Stallion but a knee to the gut gives him a chance to tag. Hayes doesn’t fare much better and in tags Riggins, his hair still in a ponytail. Nerd. Riggins manages to duck a clothesline but runs right into the left jab of Hayes and sells it beautifully. Honestly it may not even be a sell, I can’t imagine Hayes as a guy who works his punches especially against a jobber. Ross and Dangerously hype the upcoming TV tapings, meaning we’re going to finally get some footage actually shot in 1991 soon. Can’t wait. Garvin connects with a DDT, which Riggins again sells beautifully, and the Freebirds pick up the win. Shocking! I didn’t hate this. Riggins was all in on making The Freebirds look good. It was still technically a squash since the Freebirds fought a team that isn’t a real team but it was competitive enough at the start to make it worthwhile. Plus anything is better than that Sid/Trucker Norman match from last week. Well maybe. I’m sure I’ll see worse in the future. (4:20)

  • Final Rating: *1/4

Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
Solie segues to an interview between Dangerously and the new World Champion Ric Flair. Flair says he’s the dirtiest player in the game but he wins and that’s the bottom line (because Stone C…nevermind that’s too easy and lame a joke). Flair focuses his energy on Scott Steiner and their upcoming match at Clash of the Champions. We’ve got our first big main event of our first big show of the year. Awesome. Should be good. Solie insinuates that Steiner got into an altercation with Flair after the latter’s win at the Meadowlands but we don’t see it which is…strange. They skipped the part that led to the promo. Solie then pivots to the Arn Anderson/Barry Windham “Lawful Violence” vignette. They’re getting a lot of mileage out of that piece of footage.

Ross and Dangerously segue into footage from Arn Anderson & Barry Windham’s attack on The Renegade Warriors during last week’s episode of World Championship Wrestling.

The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force
Holy shit these Magnum Force guys are some dorky looking dudes. Each one has a mullet going on, complete with bushy mustache, and they’re wearing leather jackets and gloves to show off how tough they are. Man oh man I may not be able to finish this recap due to laughing my head off. Jeeeesus. I love when jobbers have gimmicks. Magnum Force #1, or ‘Rick’ according to his tights, gets taken to the woodshed by the Warriors until he manages a back suplex to tag out to his partner Speedy. HIS NAME IS SPEEDY. HE’S TOO COOL TO HAVE A NORMAL NAME LIKE RICK. I LOVE IT. Magnum Force rocks some basic heel offense on Mark Youngblood, including some dastardly double teaming behind the ref’s back until Speedy accidentally hits Rick, giving the Warriors the chance to rebound and hit the flying seated senton for the win. Match was basic whatever, but Magnum Force won me over by merely existing. (4:44)

  • Final Rating: *

Konnan vs. Chuck Coats
Chuck Coats neglects to wear even one coat let alone many coats, neglecting the promises of his last name. I believe this is Konnan’s final match in WCW until 1996 so let’s all drink it in, man. Dangerously makes a bunch of racist Spanish jokes while Konnan wrestles a more power-focused game, likely fed up with the fact that the jobbers WCW have been feeding him can’t keep up. Coats actually gets in a fair bit of offense in this one but he’s not the Mexican superstar here so it doesn’t last long. Konnan wins by tying up Coats and keeping his shoulders down for the three while he flexes for the crowd that just doesn’t care. See you in five years, K-Dawg. (3:31)

  • Final Rating: *

Sid Vicious vs. Mountain Man Bailey
This match aired on the 1.12.91 edition of Pro. Sid wins with a Powerbomb. (3:22)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Dangerously says Sid has been interviewing EMT companies because he’s going to start sending people to the hospital. I smell a gimmick coming!

WCW Television Championship
‘The Z-Man’ Tom Zenk (c) vs. ‘Wild’ Bill Irwin
Irwin gets a televised entrance, smacking his whip so show off just how wild he is. Zenk and Irwin bro-off chest to chest then Zenk decks Irwin to show his dominance as champion. Zenk smashes Irwin’s head into the buckle but Irwin thinks the spot goes on longer than it’s going and smacks his own head an extra time. Whoops. Zenk outwrestles Irwin, using the buckles for extra leverage to land a side headlock takeover. Zenk brings Irwin into the corner, Irwin gets a cheap shot in to turn the tide in his favor. Zenk catches a charging Irwin with a boot and covers but only gets two. Zenk ducks a back elbow but can’t duck the pump kick and Irwin places him on the top turnbuckle. Irwin goes for a superplex but Zenk shifts his weight and lands on him with a lateral press for the victory. Zenk had to underdog his way into a victory over Bill Irwin. His title reign is doomed. On the plus side this was probably his best title defense to date but that’s not saying much. (4:32)

  • Final Rating: *3/4

After a WrestleWar ’91 promo we cut to Ross and Dangerously, who remind us once again that WCW will be airing tomorrow afternoon instead of tonight. There’s more but the footage I’m working with cuts out. I’m sure Dangerously said something fun though.


Final Thoughts: Rough episode of Powe Hour this week with a whole lot of uninteresting tag team action. On the plus side though Zenk had his first decent match as TV Champion and I got to see MAGNUM FORCE in all their glory so I take the good with the bad. Still confused as to why they aired a Flair promo about Scott Steiner instead of the actual footage that led to this match being signed though. Feels out of order.

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