[TV Review] Power Hour – 1.12.91


Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

Brian Pillman and Dutch Mantell look to settle their four month-long feud with one another in the main event of this week’s Power Hour. Did you know they were feuding? Me either. Also on the show we get a look back at the debut of MinotaurTerry Taylor‘s bad luck, and The Steiner Brothers winning the Pat O’ Connor Tag Team Tournament at Starrcade 1990.

The Lineup

  • Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers
  • Clip: Minotaur’s debut (World Championship Wrestling 1.5.91)
  • Bobby Eaton vs. Tommy Angel
  • Clip: Freebirds injure Trucker Norman (Main Event 1.6.91)
  • Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
  • Clip: Terry Taylor vs. Arn Anderson (World Championship Wrestling 1.5.91)
  • Terry Taylor vs. Mike Thor
  • Clip: Steiner Brothers vs. Great Muta & Masa Saito (Starrcade 1990)
  • Brian Pillman vs. Dutch Mantell


‘White Lightning’ Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers
Rogers attacks Horner in the aisle before the match even begins but Horner quickly outwrestles and outmoves him. Rogers clotheslines Horner in the corner (eyyyy poetry) but his corner mount punches are countered with a reverse atomic drop. Horner misses a corner splash and Rogers sends him to the floor for his flying axhandle spot. Horner counters a piledriver on the floor with a backdrop and we find out that Horner will be taking on Michael Wallstreet at Clash of the Champions. Spoiler: it doesn’t happen because Wallstreet is gone from the promotion by that time. Horner hits a tope suicida on Rogers and sends him into the crowd. This episode was filmed before the Meadowlands event says Dangerously so I guess we won’t be hearing about that event until the flagship World Championship Wrestling tonight. Works for me. Rogers sets Horner up for a superplex but eats a right hand and Horner rolls him up with a flying sunset flip for two. Horner blocks a suplex and rolls Rogers up with his bridging O’Connor Roll for the victory. Quick but fun, Rogers went pretty balls out for the opening contest of a B-show. (4:57)

  • Final Rating: **1/4

Ross and Dangerously segue into footage of Minotaur‘s debut last week. He’s half-man, half-bull, all crazy eyes. That doesn’t add up. Whatever, I was never good at math.

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton vs. Tommy Angel
Tommy Angel’s mullet game is very strong. Eaton high fives Angel in a show of sportsmanship. White people love high fives (I say that as a white people). Angel has some offense at the outset with a slam and dropkick but gets felled by a clothesline. Eaton sends Angel to the floor via concealed closed fist. Angel escapes a slam and tries a roll-up but Eaton blocks it and hits a spinning neckbreaker. One Alabama Jam later and it’s over. Good squash. (2:46)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Footage airs of Norman getting injured by The Freebirds on Main Event. Curiously the commentary is completely cut out of this one. Should also note, since I didn’t during the Main Event review like an idiot, that Norman was already complaining about a head injury beforehand on World Championship Wrestling, courtesy of an attack by Sid Vicious the week prior, so the Freebirds made it worse. Norman meets Sid in singles action later in the day on World Championship Wrestling so get pumped.

Segment Time: Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
Gordon Solie recaps the feud between Paul E. Dangerously and Missy Hyatt to hype their arm wrestling match scheduled for Clash of the Champions. Solie is so above this nonsense that it’s ridiculous. He then turns into the saga of Terry Taylor, who’s on the hunt for the Television Title. Cut to Taylor’s comments about wanting to face Z-Man on World Championship Wrestling last week. That’s it for this segment.

Dangerously is excited by Taylor’s new attitude and we segue into footage from Taylor vs. Anderson on World Championship Wrestling. So many recaps in this recap so far. Anderson wins the match, which we see the last three minutes or so of.

Terry Taylor vs. Mike Thor
Thor gets a scoop slam but misses an elbowdrop so there’s that for his offense as Taylor wins in short order with the Five Arm. Dangerously hypes Taylor’s Clash of the Champions match against friend Ricky Morton and is sad the match ended so quick because he had more to say. (0:57)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

A clip plays of The Steiner Brothers winning the Pat O’Connor Memorial Tag Team tournament at Starrcade 1990, defeating The Great Muta and Masa Saito in the finals. Honestly it feels like they showed the whole match but I don’t know for sure.

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell
Pillman charges right at Mantell, going on the attack before they even turn his theme song off. Mantell sends Pillman to the floor and throws him into the steel post to go on the offensive. Ross hypes the flagship airing tonight and Dangerously hypes tomorrow’s Main Event show which will feature Doom against Tim Horner & Allen Iron Eagle. That explains why the latter team won a match last week. Pillman tries some corner mount rights but gets countered with an inverted atomic drop. Dangerously hints that he’s going to get all up in Missy Hyatt’s business later tonight. Pillman sends Mantell into the guardrail but misses a crossbody. Mantell misses an elbowdrop and eats a dropkick. Mantell tosses Pillman to the floor but Pillman lands on his feet and hits Mantell with Air Pillman to finally settle this four month feud. That’s a minute a month! This was pretty 50/50 for the whole thing, nothing particularly memorable. (4:01)

  • Final Rating: *3/4

Dangerously announces that he’s going to smooth things over with Missy Hyatt on World Championship Wrestling. I doubt it. Ross signs off, Dangerously stopping himself from hitting him with his giant mobile phone, then the show ends with Hyatt’s slap of Dangerously.


Final Thoughts: This was a show in which matches happened. Ross and Dangerously did a good job hyping World Championship Wrestling though so if you were watching this on Saturday morning you got a decent idea of what to expect on the flagship so that’s a positive. I can’t believe Pillman and Mantell settled a four month feud in four minutes of generic action.


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