[TV Review] Power Hour – 2.2.91


Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

February begins with an episode of Power Hour that does more hype work for WrestleWar than last month’s entire TV slate did for Dixie Dynamite. Hilarious. In addition we get our first appearance of The Junkyard Dog in 1991, another Sid Vicious squash, and a main event that decides the #1 contender to Z-Man‘s Television Championship. It’s a match that already aired last week on a different show but now it actually makes some sense continuity-wise.

The Lineup

  • Tim Horner vs. Mike Samples
  • Ricky Morton & The Junkyard Dog vs. Mark Kyle & Joe Cazana
  • Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
  • Brian Pillman vs. John Peterson
  • Sid Vicious vs. Dave Johnson
  • Lex Luger vs. Magnum Force Speedy (Worldwide – 1.26.91)
  • #1 Contendership Match (TV Title): Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson (Worldwide – 1.26.91)


‘White Lightning’ Time Horner vs. Mike Samples
Dangerously remarks about how big the crowd is and how hard it is to hear Ross. Nice idea but the crowd is pretty quiet and the arena is not even close to being sold out. Samples has the size but Horner has the speed, it’s almost like he moves like a bolt of lightning. Perhaps a white-colored bolt of lightning. Horner rassles Samples to the ground and slaps on an armbar as Ross namedrops the ref (Lee Scott). Ross and Dangerously talk about the amount of posters the crowd has. The crowd has none. I don’t think they’re watching the show. Horner continues working the arm; he and Brad Armstrong will be taking on Arn Anderson & Barry Windham later tonight on World Championship Wrestling. That could be pretty good, probably more interesting than this one. Horner wins with the bridging O’Connor Roll and that’s all she wrote. (3:53)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Dangerously bets five bucks that Z-Man won’t hang onto the Television Title much longer. Five bucks? Too rich for my blood.

Ricky Morton & The Junkyard Dog vs. Mark Kyle & Joe Cazana
Morton is switching things up on the show, teaming with JYD instead of his usual non-RnR running buddy Tommy Rich. The trio are vying for the Six Man Tag Team Championship (which got casually announced as being a thing on Dixie Dynamite) so this pairing actually makes a little sense and has some continuity going for it. Meanwhile Robert Gibson continues to nurse his knee injury and remains out of the picture, the poor guy. Cazana and Kyle have both tagged with Jeff Sword in the past month so they’ve either got a friend in common or they both hate him so much they’ve struck out on their own. JYD starts and the crowd chants his initials almost immediately. JYD may not be the best wrestler, and got more and more horrifically out of shape as the years went by, but you can’t deny that the people loved him. JYD tries for the crawling headbutt but Cazana rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Morton tags in and does his usual stuff, culminating in some limb-based offense. Kyle tags in and runs right into an armdrag, JYD tagging in to continue working on the arm. Ross informs us we’re going to see some Vader/Hansen Japan footage on World Championship Wrestling tonight. Dangerously mocks Gordon Solie for his smoking habit which is…uncomfortable, given that Solie died due to the addiction. Kyle manages to roll out of the way of a falling headbutt and tags out to Cazana but JYD no-sells all of that offense. Quick tags between the face teams as they continue beating down Cazana, giving Ross and Dangerously ample time to run down some big things slated for WrestleWar (Luger/Spivey, Vader/Hansen). JYD wins the match with his big Thump powerslam. They’re gonna be at the Omni show coming up, get your tickets now. Also invent a time machine. You’ll need that too. (5:03)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Segment Time: Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
WNN focuses on the upcoming WrestleWar PPV like it should, building the War Games main event pitting Sting, Pillman, and The Steiners against The Four Horsemen. Sting, Brian Pillman, and The Steiner Brothers cut a promo on the match, Rick Steiner overly excited to get in that cage to wreck some Horsemen. Pillman calls Horsemen’s artillary outdated against their high-tech firepower. Scott Steiner vows to put Sid Vicious in the hospital once again. Cut to a promo from Ric Flair, Barry Windham, and Arn Anderson of the Horsemen. Flair says they made the War Games legendary (by losing all the time, but shh) and vows to make the other team bleed. Anderson says they had 25 War Games matches in 1987 (JEEEESUS) so they’re vets and will be bringing the War Games to Sting and the gang. Good segment, nice hype for War Games. I love the War Games so much.

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. John Peterson
Peterson has the same lightning pattern on his trunks that El Cubano had at Dixie Dynamite. Veeeeeery interesting, hmmm. Peterson throws some weak rights and Pillman makes him pay with all of the chest slaps. Pillman has Peterson’s number, but instead of going for the win he tosses in some submission moves, perhaps as a way to show he has some moves in his arsenal to make someone submit at the War Games? Eh I’m probably putting too much thought into it. Anyway Pillman gets the victory with Air Pillman. Take a shot if you’re surprised. (4:25)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Sid Vicious vs. Dave Johnson
Aw man Sid’s back to the singlet. Disappointing. Sid immediately attacks Johnson right at the bell and doesn’t let up, leading to the Power Bomb for the quick victory. Sid’s goofy EMT team stretcher Johnson out after the match. (1:03)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger vs. Magnum Force Speedy
This match aired on the 1.26.91 episode of Worldwide. Luger wins with the Torture Rack, Gary Michael Cappetta strips Speedy of his name and introduces him as Magnum Force #1. (2:58)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

#1 Contendership Match (TV Title)
‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson
This also aired on the 1.26.91 edition of Worldwide before the stipulation made sense as Eaton already had a shot at the TV Title coming. Now that we’re past Dixie Dynamite it makes more sense, and Anderson ends up winning using some underhanded tactics, countering Eaton’s own attempt at underhanded tactics. We get some additional footage that wasn’t shown on Worldwide but I wasn’t keeping time so I don’t know much it added. Solid match still. (12 minutes or so)

  • Final Rating: ***

Ross and Dangerously hype Z-Man’s TV Title defense against Terry Taylor tomorrow night on Main Event. Taylor’s finally get his shot, yay! Hype for WCW as Ric Flair will be on the broadcast in some capacity. That concludes the episode.


Final Thoughts: Good episode of Power Hour to start February off. Lots of focus on WrestleWar as WCW hyped that PPV more than last month’s entire TV output did to hype Dixie Dynamite. I can dig it though. Also they picked a good main event to recycle from a previous show, gave us a few extra minutes we didn’t see, and now the result actually makes sense now that Bobby Eaton has already lost his TV Title match. Swell. Easy breezy episode of television.

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