[TV Review] Pro – 2.2.91


Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko

Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich get another crack at Arn Anderson & Barry Windham in the main event of this week’s Pro, plus Sid Vicious puts another jobber in the hospital, Michael Wallstreet is still around for some reason despite no longer being with the company, and we get to see more of the big Sting/Ric Flair match that happened at the Meadowlands last month. Yes we’re still seeing footage from that show, deal with it.

The Lineup

  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Tim Parker
  • Clip: Sting (c) vs. Ric Flair for the WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (Meadowlands – 1.11.91)
  • Lex Luger vs. John Peterson
  • Segment: Brickhouse Bonus w/ Jack Brickhouse
  • Sid Vicious vs. Johnny Boyd
  • Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham


Pro opens with footage of the Sting/Ric Flair match at the Meadowlands. Not the end or anything, just some random footage. We then go to Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko for the proper opening, promising more Sting/Flair footage plus the return match between Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich and Arn Anderson & Barry Windham.

Michael Wallstreet [w/ Alexandra York] vs. Tim ‘Powerhouse’ Parker
Wallstreet may have walked out for real a couple of weeks ago but WCW still has footage of him to burn and burn it they will. Hell they even run a picture-in-picture promo of Wallstreet calling himself unbeatable. York announces Wallstreet will win in less than 5:12, so hopefully this is a short one. It takes a long excruciating minute for Wallstreet to even ditch the suit and get this match going. The Rotundo Special of ‘using the ropes for extra leverage during a submission hold’ is utilized as is the Stock Market Crash which ends it. Since this character is going nowhere following his departure from the company this match just felt extra pointless, which I didn’t even think was possible. (3:12)


A UIC Pavilion card rundown warns the Chicago audience that a Flair/El Gigante main event is in their future.

Clip: Sting (c) vs. Ric Flair for the WCW WORLD HEAVVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (Meadowlands – 1.11.91)
Schiavone and Zbyszko segue into more of the match between Flair and Sting. Action goes to the floor so Flair can get busted open. Flair tries to fight back with chops, Sting dances them off (no, really) and hits a Military Press slam. Flair dodges a Stinger Splash, dazing the champ, and heads to the top rope. To the shock of absolutely no one, Flair included, Sting slams him off. After a nearfall Sting heads to the top himself and hits both Flair and the referee. Sting gets a visual pin with no ref, Flair gets the for real pin, and the title, despite Sting’s foot being on the rope. Schiavone mentions Scott Steiner will be getting a shot at Flair soon. This is airing the weekend after that match happened. Come on.

‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger vs. John Peterson
Zbyszko calls Luger the missing link which makes Schiavone shoot laugh. Nice. Peterson gets in a cheap shot while the ref tries to separate them in the corner, but Luger brushes it off and soon enough gets the win with the Torture Rack. (1:57)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Nintendo sponsors the replay of Luger’s victory. Don’t know why that matters but I wanted to bring it up because early-90s Nintendo rules.

Segment Time: Brickhouse Bonus w/ Jack Brickhouse
Jack Brickhouse talks about how pro wrestling features sports-like stuff in addition to entertainment value which is good for escapism during wartime. Okay. Apparently Brickhouse actually did commentary for this show the year before and I wish I could hear that. He’s got a classic old-school voice.

Sid Vicious vs. Johnny Boyd
Sid does his usual thing and wins in short order with the Power Bomb. No need to waste time in recapping this one, folks. Boyd gets stretchered out to continue Sid’s gimmick, but not before Sid pushes the stretcher over to deal more damage. He’s a member of the Four Horsemen and is involved in the WrestleWar main event coming up but it’s easy to forget that since it seems like he’s mostly just doing his own thing at this point. (1:38)

  • Final Rating: SID SQUASH

Footage is shown from last week’s Pro where Arn Anderson & Barry Windham defeated Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich after Anderson pushed Morton’s foot off the rope. Mmmm, continuity. I love it.

Ricky Morton & ‘Wildfire’ Tommy Rich vs. ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson & Barry Windham
Last week’s match was pretty good so I’ve got my hopes up for this one; well at least as high as one’s hopes can get when it comes to WCW TV. Theodore R. Long brags about his PWI Manager of the Year award in an insert promo for, uh, some reason. There’s a very good chance both matches in this series happened at the same set of television tapings so I don’t expect the crowd to be super into it. Windham escapes a headscissors and clocks Rich right in the mouth for emphasis. Rich catches Windham with an elbow off an Irish whip and quickly tags out to Anderson. Anderson grabs a wristlock, Rich quickly reverses it and tags out to Morton to continue working on Double A’s left arm. Morton reverses an Irish whip and takes Anderson to the mat with an overhead armdrag, surprising Double A. After a commercial break Rich and Morton catch Windham with a double back elbow and Rich follows up with some corner mount rights. Windham gets sent out to the floor and Anderson wants a DQ but refs only enforce it once every twenty matches or so and this ain’t one of them. Windham seats Morton on the top turnbuckle and awkwardly walks away, allowing Morton to hit him with a flying fist. Phantom tag from the face team as Rich takes over, Anderson annoyed that once again the ref doesn’t do his job. Lotsa arm work in this one so far, the perfect basic stuff to kill television time. Windham escapes a hammerlock with a Fireman’s carry and in tags Anderson who sends Morton to the floor. Morton escapes a suplex and slaps on a Figure Four. The ref gets distracted with Rich for no reason, allowing Windham to break the hold. Morton and Rich are still in control as we go to a second commercial break.

Rich works over Anderson’s leg as Schiavone shills for Western Union. The way they’re wrestling here it seems like we’re heading for a time limit draw. Morton tags in and gets dropped with a right hand from Windham when the latter tags in as well. Windham goads Rich in, distracting the ref so he can throw Morton over the top rope and not get disqualified. If refs actually were consistent about this rule this would’ve been a more effective heel move. I know I complain about this every single time someone goes over the top rope but it drives me nuts every single time. Plus it helps the word count. I like a high word count. Windham slaps on an abdominal stretch, Anderson grabbing his hand for extra leverage. Morton goes for a sunset flip but Windham gets the tag before he goes down so Anderson attacks from behind. Morton tries for a monkey flip out of the corner but Anderson counters with an inverted atomic drop that Morton wonderfully sells. Windham tags in and Morton escapes, allowing Rich to get the hot tag. He’s in control for a cup of coffee until he misses a dropkick. Anderson and Windham double-team Rich behind the ref’s back, Rich catches Anderson with a backslide but Windham manages to get the tag and stop it. Theodore R. Long shows up to get in Anderson’s face, continuing the Horsemen’s feud with Doom. Anderson grabs Long, Ron Simmons attacks Anderson from behind. Windham tries to save his partner by attacking Simmons, but that gets him counted out, giving Morton & Rich the win. That’s a real cheap and unsatisfying way to give the face team a victory. Also this was way more plodding and dull than last week’s show. Maaaan. (17:25 shown)

  • Final Rating: *3/4

Schiavone and Zbyszko hype next week’s show, which will feature Ric Flair in action then talk about how the main event concluded and the show ends with a recap of the end of said contest, just in case we didn’t just watch it ten seconds ago.


Final Thoughts: A bunch of squash matches and a horribly disappointing main event. Not much to like about Pro this week.

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