[TV Review] Power Hour – 1.5.91


Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

1991 kicks off with some leftover footage from 1990 as the now disbanded team of Brian Pillman & The Z-Man are in action. Plus in the main event Ricky Morton takes on longtime enemy Bobby Eaton in singles action.

The Lineup

  • Flyin’ Brian & The Z-Man vs. Ed Brock & Joe Cazana
  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Tommy Angel & Rob Morgan
  • Rick Steiner vs. Chuck Coats
  • Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
  • Terry Taylor vs. Brian Carr
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Rick Hardrock
  • Sid Vicious vs. Dave Perry
  • Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton


WCW kicks off 1991 the right way by making Paul E. Dangerously the first face we see in the new year. I’m cool with this. Much like most Power Hour episodes he’s here to run down what’s to come in the show, announcing the blockbuster main event of Ricky Morton taking on Bobby Eaton. Eve with both of their respective partners out of commission (one injured, one completely gone from the company) WCW cannot help but keep that RnR/Midnight Express feud going. Yay consistency?

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman & ‘The Z-Man’ Tom Zenk vs. Ed Brock & Joe Cazana
This tag team was already dead and gone by the time 1991 came around but WCW is using footage shot in 1990 for at least the first few episodes of the year so here we are. Jim Ross hypes the fact we’re going to see Z-Man defend his Television Championship later tonight on World Championship Wrestling. Z-Man places Cazana on the top turnbuckle and Pillman drops him off to start. Brock tags in and gets some shots but Pillman shakes them off and chops Brock hard. Zenk runs in and sort-of hits an enzuigiri but it’s weirdly more like an enzuigiri takedown. Brock didn’t know how to take the move it looks like. Zenk traps Brock in a half-Crab, killing time in what really should be a short squash. Paul E. Dangerously mentions that Pillman will be taking on Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions later this month. That, uh, is quickly forgotten in about a week. Anyway Pillman wins with a splash and the team that’s no longer together picks up a victory over a couple of jobbers. Totally pointless. (3:14)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Ross and Dangerously talk about Zenk and Pillman’s promising singles careers, making the most out of outdated tag team footage. Dangerously keeps mentioning Flair being World Champion…which hasn’t technically happened yet. Hmmm.

The Fabulous Freebirds [w/ Little Richard Marley] vs. Tommy Angel & Rob Morgan
Marley had a falling out with the Freebirds at Starrcade 1990 but this footage was shot beforehand so Dangerously covers for it by saying they’re giving him another chance due to being in the Christmas spirit. In January. The Freebirds are in line for a U.S. Tag Team Title shot against The Steiner Brothers. Hayes is wearing purple glittery pants which comes off sad. Act your age, man. Angel has no luck so in tags Morgan and his porn ‘stache. The Freebirds handle him very easily, sending him to the floor so Marley can get in a couple of shots. Garvin puts Morgan out of his misery with a DDT. Squash almost went five whole minutes. Come on. (4:34)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Rick Steiner vs. Chuck Coats
Singles action for Steiner, with his brother nowhere to be found. The first Steinerline comes twenty seconds into this one. Coats throws some feeble forearms then hits another Steinerline and a release German suplex. Steiner, playing up his ‘idiot’ gimmick, misses a couple of elbowdrops then finishes Coats off with a second-rope release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Now that was a squash. (1:47)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Segment Time: Wrestling News Network w/ Gordon Solie
Gordon Solie always seemed way too classy for an industry like professional wrestling and that made him one of wrestling’s greatest all-time commentators. I wish people still pronounced ‘suplex’ as ‘sue-play’. Solie is here to bring us footage from the closing moments of Starrcade 1990, where Sting’s arch-rival The Black Scorpion was revealed to be Ric Flair. Less said about that whole goddamn storyline, the better. Cut to comments from Sting, the World Champion, who is chomping at the bit to kick Flair’s ass. Flair, corporately-mandated short hair and all, vows to win the World Championship for the seventh time because he’s the Flair of the 90s: bigger, better, and more determined. His promo is delivered in a weird staccato. STING! WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! FLAIR!

Terry Taylor vs. Brian Carr
Taylor takes on Arn Anderson later tonight on World Championship Wrestling, with both men wanting a shot at Zenk’s Television Championship. Brian Carr looks like a dude who has seen and done some shit. Both men jockey for position until Carr forces a rope break. Carr with a side headlock takeover, getting some actual offense for a second before Taylor escapes and applies a hammerlock into a roll-up for two. Carr backs Taylor into the corner and pummels him, connecting with a standing legdrop. Taylor easily slides out of a side headlock attempt and goes back to the hammerlock before another rope break. Taylor blocks a corner splash with a knee and soon enough the Five Arm finishes things off. More competitive than expected but still pretty one-sided as Carr’s offense was brushed off with ease. (3:45)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Ross brings up Taylor’s issues with Michael Wallstreet then asks Dangerously for his opinion on Wallstreet’s manager Alexandra York (aka Terri Runnels). Dangerously mocks Missy Hyatt to keep that feud going then talks about how impressed he is that she’s brought wrestling into the computer age. Nice segue into the next match.

Michael Wallstreet [w/ Alexandra York] vs. Rick Hardrock
Might as well admit this now because the gimmick isn’t going to last past the month: I dig the hell out of Michael Wallstreet. Coupled with York and her magical COM-PEW-TOR it hits all the guilty pleasure spots in my brain. I can just imagine the folks behind WCW thinking this was a totally hip and relevant gimmick. Also props to RICK HARDROCK for having a killer jobber name. Wallstreet and York go over the COM-PEW-TOR printouts as he ditches his entrance suit, which teach him the quickest way to victory. Dude, it’s Rick Hardrock. Just breathe on him. Hardrock manages a sunset flip for a two-count, which pisses Wallstreet off so much he…applies a standing hammerlock. Goddamn Rotunda was dull as dirt. Technically proficient but dull as dirt. Dangerously slobbers over York as Wallstreet counters a side headlock with a headscissors. Wallstreet wins with the Stock Market Crash, which is a cool name but lame finisher (it’s a Samoan Drop). (3:34)

  • Final Rating: DULL SQUASH

Sid Vicious vs. Dave Perry
Holy shit Sid is looking ripped and mean and ripped. Sid airplane throws Perry like a ragdoll then drops to one knee to soak in the…sounds of the crowd, I guess. Sid feigns concern that he hurt Perry and picks him up for a spinning clothesline. Big boot hits nothing but the shoulder, but the forearm does almost cave in Perry’s chest to make up for it. Sid finally gets bored playing with his food and finishes Perry off with a Power Bomb, kneeling on his chest to pick up the pinfall. Count me in as one of those people who loves Sid despite him not being all that good in the ring. Dude just had it. (2:33)

  • Final Rating: FUN SQUASH

Tony Schiavone hypes some upcoming WCW events in a whisper-scream that sounds like he was trying not to wake anyone up.

Ricky Morton vs. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton
The first real match for WCW in 1991. Ross does some more hype for tonight’s World Championship Wrestling episode, where he will interview current NFL great Lawrence Taylor. Ross loves him some football. Eaton backs Morton in the corner and decks him with a tremendous right hand. Few can throw a hook like Eaton. Eaton tries again but Morton blocks it and hits some rights of his own, none as good as Eaton’s. Eaton takes him down with a shoulderblock but Morton leapfrogs him and connects with a back bodydrop followed by a flying headscissors takeover. Eaton slingshots Morton into the turnbuckles and follows up with a suplex for a two-count. Morton gets sent to the floor and Eaton follows suit, clotheslining him to the floor. Eaton connects with a vertical suplex but only gets two, so he decides to wear his blood foe down with a short armscissors. Morton reverses it into a pinning attempt for two and in come The Fabulous Freebirds and Little Richard Marley to attack Morton. Aw man. Morton and Eaton have faced off countless times but rarely in singles action so I was into this one a little more than I expected. (5:59)

  • Final Rating: **1/4

The Freebirds and Eaton try to break Morton’s leg, the same injury his partner Robert Gibson is currently out with, until The Z-Man shows up to come to the rescue.

Ross does some more hype for the rest of WCW’s shows this weekend. Dangerously is excited for the return of The Danger Zone but his excitement is extinguished when his nemesis Missy Hyatt shows up. The two argue behind Ross as he signs off.


Final Thoughts: Not much going on in this episode but the Sid squash was fun and the main event didn’t suck. Keep your expectations low for anything that isn’t World Championship Wrestling or Main Event as we soldier on.

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