[TV Review] World Championship Wrestling – 1.20.91

WCW SN 1991

Commentator: Jim Ross

WCW is on Sunday and only an hour to boot this week but they still manage to jam in a bunch of squash matches, some interview segments, and about two minutes of a promised 8-man tag team match, the rest of which is airing on Main Event. Okay then.

The Lineup

  • Tom Zenk vs. Master Blaster Blade
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Mike Hart
  • Vignette: Paul E. Dangerously ‘Trains’ for Clash of the Champions
  • Terry Taylor vs. Dave Johnson
  • Ringside Interview: Terry Taylor
  • Doom vs. Brian Morley & Ray Diamond
  • Ringside Interview: The Fabulous Freebirds
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force
  • Sting, Brian Pillman, & The Steiner Brothers vs. The Four Horsemen (Partial)


Jim Ross is going solo once again this week and be breaks down the card, which doesn’t have much going for it outside of the big 8-man tag.

‘The Z-Man’ Tom Zenk vs. Master Blaster Blade
Referee Randy Anderson keeps trying to show off the TV Title to the hard cam but keeps picking the wrong one. Match isn’t announced as being for the championship though so I’m going to assume this one is non-title. Zenk dropkicks Blade and clotheslines him over the top and onto the floor, but no DQ is called. WCW’s continuity with this stupid rule drives me crazy; it’s almost like they use it just to have an excuse to end a match without a real finish. Blade uses his strength advantage to take over the contest with various power moves. The second hour of WCW will be this week’s edition of Main Event. Zenk catches a charging Blade with a kick and finishes him off with a Missile Dropkick. That was easy and also not all that good. (4:02)

  • Final Rating: *1/4

Bobby Eaton immediately attacks Zenk after the bell, hitting the Alabama Jam and showing his dominance heading into the Clash of the Champions.

Did you vote for WCW’s Sexiest Wrestler yet? Still time to send in your postcard vote before the winner gets announced at COTC.

Michael Wallstreet [w/ Alexandra York] vs. Mike Hart
York predicts on the house mic that Hart will lose in less than six minutes. Wallstreet is slated to be part of Clash of the Champions but Ross doesn’t announce an opponent. Wallstreet focuses his offense on Hart’s left arm, taking forever to just put this man away as the crowd calls him ‘Walmart’. SICK BURN, ATLANTA. All of this limb work leads into Wallstreet picking up the win with the Stock Market Crash, a move that isn’t even arm-based so his offense was all filler. (3:28)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Vignette: Paul E. Dangerously ‘Trains’
Paul E. Dangerously is at the gym spouting his men’s rights rhetoric, saying he will set the American male free by beating Missy Hyatt at Clash of the Champions. He doesn’t exercise anything because he’s all confidence. Hyatt’s workout video will be on Main Event so we don’t have to wait long for a rebuttal.

Terry Taylor vs. Dave Johnson
Taylor meets Ricky Morton at Clash of the Champions. Ross makes sure to highlight Taylor’s discontent at not receiving a TV Title shot against Z-Man to continue building that story. Johnson gets some basic offense and hides behind the ref to get into Taylor’s head, but makes the mistake of arrogantly shoving his opponent which sets Taylor off. Johnson works Taylor over in the corner and connects with a scoop slam. Taylor hits a charging Johnson with a knee and follows up with a snap suplex into the Five Arm. Essentially a squash match and it went longer than Zenk’s match with a real member of the roster that opened the show. Interesting. (4:16)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Paul E. Dangerously is standing by with Terry Taylor. Taylor doesn’t know how facing Ricky Morton is going to get him into title contention and Morton interrupts wondering if Taylor has a problem. Taylor says he has no issue with Morton and vice versa. Everyone loves each other, big kisses (not really).

Doom [w/ Theodore R. Long] vs. Brian Morley & Ray Diamond
Morley and Diamond don’t get an introduction. Ron Simmons’ title belt falls off of his waist as he climbs the apron and Simmons gives a look we now commonly associate with ‘DAMN’. Long builds their match against Sting & Luger at COTC via insert promo. Morley gets beaten up for a bit until Diamond tags in to take more punishment and honestly this squash is dull as hell so let’s cut to the chase: Doom wins following a flying shoulderblock from Butch Reed. Their match against Sting/Luger at COTC should be pretty good though. Subtitle for the event is ‘Dixie Dynamite’ just in case you forgot WCW is a southern as hell promotion. (4:05)

  • Final Rating: DULL SQUASH

Paul E. Dangerously brings out The Fabulous Freebirds for a ringside interview. Jimmy Garvin keeps the gimmick up with a gaudy leather jacket but Michael Hayes phones it in with a sweatshirt. What a Dad. They cut a promo on their Main Event opponents The Lightning Express (Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong). This certainly is a thing they filled TV time with.

Footage plays of Arn Anderson & Barry Windham‘s attack on The Renegade Warriors from last week’s WCW.

The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force
This isn’t the same Warriors/Force match we saw (TWICE) earlier in the day, as the Warriors are in different ring gear (and sans facepaint). Mark Youngblood easily outwrestles Magnum Force Rick, so he tags out to Magnum Force Speedy. Chris Youngblood tags in as well and slams both members of the opposite team with ease, clearing the ring. The Warriors work over Speedy’s left arm as Ross mentions that Dusty Rhodes will be the special guest at COTC, making his return to the company he made his name in. Rick tags in and hits a powerslam on Mark Youngblood, but that offensive string is quickly ended and the Warriors win with a pop-up splash. Not as competitive as their match on the B-shows, I guess WCW is afraid to showcase Magnum Force’s prowess on their flagship. (5:17)

  • Final Rating: EXTENDED SQUASH

Prerecorded comments from Sting and Ric Flair build the 8-man tag team match that’s coming up next.

Sting, ‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman, & The Steiner Brothers vs. The Four Horsemen
Introductions happen with five minutes left in the program so Ross informs us that the match will be split between this show and Main Event. Ross says this match has a ‘War Games-like environment’. Hey don’t they have a PPV coming up next month featuring a War Games match? Very interesting, hmmmm. Sting fights out of the heel corner and sends Arn Anderson into the face corner to take some punishment. All eight men enter the ring and have themselves a little standoff before the ref brings some semblance of order. Sting calls for Ric Flair and the new World Champion obliges. Sting absorbs and no-sells some chops as Ross signs off.. I’ll rate this match once we get to Main Event. (2:22 shown)

  • Final Rating: NR


Final Thoughts: With WCW on a different day and also missing an hour there wasn’t much to this episode. Plus their big advertised main event, the one they pushed all last weekend, only got two minutes on this show and got pushed to, erm, Main Event which is a little goofy.

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