[TV Review] World Championship Wrestling – 1.26.91

WCW SN 1991

Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

With Main Event not airing tomorrow this week’s episode of WCW did the heavy lifting of making the final sell for this Wednesday’s Dixie Dynamite event. And sell they did with most squashes involving wrestlers that will be on that card as well as feud recaps and various interview segments. Seriously there are a lot of people on here, a staggering amount given the show only ran for two hours.

The Lineup

  • Ricky Morton vs. Rip Rogers
  • Ringside Interview: Ricky Morton
  • Sid Vicious vs. Greg Sawyer
  • Wrestling Wrap-Up w/ Gordon Solie
  • Tim Horner vs. Sheik Ali Shikar
  • Interview: Michael Wallstreet & Alexandra York
  • Michael Wallstreet vs. Scott Allen
  • Doom vs. Mike Samples & Mike Hart
  • Ringside Interview: Doom
  • Brian Pillman vs. The Cajun Predator
  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. David Isley & John Faulkner
  • Scott Steiner vs. John Peterson
  • The Royal Family vs. Keith Hart & Larry Santo
  • Ringside Interview: Sting & Lex Luger
  • Feud Recap: Missy Hyatt vs. Paul E. Dangerously
  • Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs. Rick Ford & Carl Robertson
  • Video: Anderson & Windham Go ‘Basic to the Basics’
  • Bobby Eaton vs. Brett Wayne
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. The State Patrol
  • Ringside Interview: Arn Anderson & Barry Windham


Today’s episode of WCW is brought to us by Nintendo and Western Union. Jim Ross is technically flying solo once again but Paul E. Dangerously ends up joining him on commentary for most of the show anyway.

Ricky Morton vs. Rip Rogers
Rogers is more, erm, flamboyant than usual, rocking the Adrian Street pigitails and everything. Ross immediately hypes Morton’s match with Terry Taylor at Dixie Dynamite so it looks like this is the weekend show that’s actually going to care about building the event. Makes sense, since it’s the flagship. Rogers escapes a headscissors but gets caught in a hammerlock after losing concentration and jawing at the crowd. Rogers kicks out of a lateral press and transitions into a headscissors of his own. Morton escapes and takes Rogers to the mat with a side headlock takeover. Rogers uses the tights repeatedly to try and shift weight into a pin but Morton continually kicks out. I wonder if anyone has ever actually won a match like that. Morton grabs Rogers by the pigtails and tosses him out of the corner before going back to the side headlock. Ross assumes Rogers has a ‘bizarre’ personality which is his code for saying he’s gay. 1991 was a different time. Rogers takes control, connecting with a powerslam that only gets him a two-count. Morton favors his lower back, which gives out when he attempts a slam. Rogers teases suplexing Morton to the floor but Morton blocks it and suplexes him back in. Rogers misses a corner knee and Morton rolls him for the three-count. The ultimate underdog does it again. Basic as all get out but a solid match nonetheless. (6:30)

  • Final Rating: **

Cut to footage from last week’s WCW where Terry Taylor professes that he has no issue with Ricky Morton, he just doesn’t think wrestling him is going to put him in title contention like he wants. Sounds justified to me.

Ringside Interview: Ricky Morton
Paul E. Dangerously is standing by with Morton fresh off his victory. Dangerously tries to convince Morton that Terry Taylor has a problem with him but Morton doesn’t believe it. Taylor interrupts and apologizes to Morton for people trying to stir stuff up. He looks forward to a nice clean rasslin’ match come Wednesday.

Sid Vicious vs. Greg Sawyer
Apparently Vicious’ new place of residence is ‘Anywhere He Darn Well Pleases’ as opposed to ‘Wherever He Darn Well Pleases’. Maybe the rent is cheaper. Prerecorded comments from Sid play up his new stretcher gimmick. Ross hypes next month’s War Games match at WrestleWar where The Horsemen will meet Sting, Pillman, and The Steiner Brothers. Stinger Splash and Power Bomb end things in short order. (1:43)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Segment Time: Wrestling Wrap-Up w/ Gordon Solie
Solie hypes the Ric Flair/Scott Steiner match slated for Dixie Dynamite this Wednesday, showing the video of Flair’s post-match interview at the Meadowlands that led to this contest. He then segues into the 8-man tag team match last week on WCW where Steiner lit Flair up. Steiner says Flair is going down, Flair just sorta generically hypes the match. It works though, I’m sold.

‘White Lightning’ Tim Horner vs. Sheik Ali Shikar
Shikar looks like he’s wrestling in cargo pants but he’s got the pointy boots and Iraqi headdress so I guess he didn’t totally phone it in. With America at war with Iraq at this point in time it makes sense to have a character like Shikar as enhancement talent. Paul E. Dangerously joins Ross on commentary, and he’s unimpressed that Dusty Rhodes is returning to WCW at Dixie Dynamite. Horner dominates for the most part, Shikar bailing out to the ring to try and regroup some momentum. Shikar manages a backslide but Horner easily kicks out. Horner dodges an atomic drop and rolls Shikar up with the bridging O’Connor Roll to get the victory. This suuuucked. Shikar is not good and he dragged the usually reliable Horner down with him. (4:20)

  • Final Rating: 3/4*

Missy Hyatt is standing by with Michael Wallstreet and Alexandra York. Wallstreet is slated to meet Horner at Dixie Dynamite. Wallstreet says he’s unbeatable and Horner is going down. York says her COM-PEW-TOR deals in facts and says Horner will lose in less than ten minutes. Here’s a fun note: Wallstreet walked out of the company during the TV tapings that occurred a week prior to this show airing so they’re building to a match that doesn’t actually ever happen. Yay for taping everything super far in advance!

Michael Wallstreet [w/ Alexandra York] vs. Scott Allen
Allen is predicted to lose in less than six minutes. Ross says York may introduce the newest member of the Foundation on Wednesday, and Wallstreet may not even be at the show. Respect to Ross for trying to cover up his inevitable no-show, despite this match coming after a Wallstreet promo. WCW is aware things are going hawire but still aren’t willing to cut segments. Wallstreet tells a fan to get a haircut which is pretty funny because he has long hair himself. Anyway blah blah blah Wallstreet wins with the Stock Market Crash. (3:42)

  • Final Rating: DULL SQUASH

Doom [w/ Theodore R. Long] vs. Mike Samples & Mike Hart
Ron Simmons immediately clubs Hart down as Ross mentions that Butch Reed and Long are enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Simmons just wants to compete and cares not for the spoils of success. Reed tags in and rubs Hart’s face into the canvas while Ross hypes up Doom’s Dixie Dynamite match with Sting & Lex Luger. No word on if it’s for the Tag Team Titles though. Samples tags in and doesn’t fare much better which I’m sure comes as to a shock to you, dear reader. Dangerously leaves commentary to prepare for his post-match interview with Doom. Samples gets beaten up so bad that the ref calls for the bell out of mercy. (3:58)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Reed continues beating up Samples, Simmons trying to calm him down but still making time to deck Mike Hart when he tries to intervene.

Ringside Interview: Doom
Long says a whole lot of nonsense about having a party while Ron Simmons doesn’t care about that, he’s got his mind set on the match itself. The difference in philosophy continues between the longtime Tag Team Champions.

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. The Cajun Predator
CAJUN PREDATOR. I LOVE IT. Goofy jobber names are the best. Unfortunately he’s not under a mask, which would’ve made it even better. Predator’s strikes look terrible, but it might’ve been Pillman refusing to sell for this goober. Pillman wins with Air Pillman. (2:37)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. David Isley & John Faulkner
Freebirds are in action this Wednesday at Dixie Dynamite against Allen Iron Eagle and Tommy Rich. In other words Freebirds are getting a win come Wednesday. Allen Iron Eagle just can’t hang on to a constant tag team partner, can he? Isley clumsily floats over Michael Hayes and hits a hip toss but that offensive flurry gets stopped with a left hook. Faulkner tags in and gets punished by both Hayes and Jimmy Garvin. Faulkner has the audacity to kick out of a vertical press by Hayes and he makes him pay with a couple of hard, loud chops. Crowd wants a ‘DDT’ and after way too long Garvin obliges for the win. Anyway. (4:38)


Scott Steiner vs. John Peterson
Steiner is warming up for his big title shot this Wednesday and he’s looking super built. Obviously he isn’t ‘Big Poppa Pump’ yet but he’s always been muscled up. Steiner has fun with his food, hitting a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex from the middle buckle, same move his brother Rick has been using in his singles matches, and finishing things with a Franksteiner that Peterson takes all on his head/neck. Yikes. (2:12)

  • Final Rating: FUN SQUASH

The Royal Family vs. Keith Hart & Larry Santo
The Royal Family are comprised of Rip Morgan and Jack Victory, who previously teamed together in the 80s as The New Zealand Milita for Jim Crockett Promotions. They’ve been running this Royal Family gimmick since 1990, initially including British midget legend Lord Littlebrook as their manager. Keith Hart does his Keith Hart thing and flies about 50000 feet in the air from a backdrop by Victory. Hart is so small he makes both Royal Family members look like monsters as they work over his left arm. This squash hits the five minute mark, and people in the crowd yell ‘BORING’. My thoughts exactly. Squash matches shouldn’t last this long. Hart dodges an elbowdrop and makes the tag to Santo. Santo misses a dropkick and Royal Family finish him off with a double front-face suplex. Took long enough, damn. (5:49)

  • Final Rating: DULL SQUASH

Ringside Interview: Sting & Lex Luger
Dangerously introduces Sting and Luger out for the interview, telling the crowd to boo and throw inanimate objects at them. Awesome. Luger says Doom has gotten cocky the longer their title reign goes while he and Sting are 100% focused. Sting and Luger do a little posing and that’s that. Sting was World Champion like three weeks ago. Weird.

Ross segues into a video highlighting the feud between Dangerously and Hyatt, including their various incidents and workout videos. Hyatt is determined to beat Dangerously in an Arm Wrestling contest, while Dangerously isn’t taking seriously and assumes he’ll win because he’s a man.

Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs. Rick Ford & Carl Robertson
Anderson became the #1 contender to the Television Title earlier in the day with a win over Bobby Eaton, but he’s still got some tag team stuff to get out of his system. He and Windham will be taking on The Renegade Warriors at Dixie Dynamite. Windham suplexes Ford and allows him to tag in Robertson . Not that Robertson fares any better, taking more punishment before Windham pins him following a superplex. (3:26)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Video: Anderson & Windham Go ‘Back to Basics’
Remember that black and white vignette where Anderson and Windham smashed stuff at the junkyard while talking about getting ‘back to basics’ and ‘back to the primitive’? Here it is again! Yay!

Ross segues into a video of Bobby Eaton’s attack on The Z-Man last Sunday on WCW. They meet for the TV Title at Dixie Dynamite. ‘But didn’t Eaton lose the #1 contendership to Arn Anderson on Worldwide?’ you may be asking. Well you see…shut up. Z-Man is all confidence in his prerecorded comments.

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton vs. Brett Wayne
Eaton guarantees championship glory in an insert promo. Dangerously continues to annoy Ross on commentary but in a fun way not in a Missy Hyatt way who seems to shoot piss Ross off whenever they’re on commentary together. Dangerously brings up the fact that Eaton actually beat the Z-Man in singles action at Starrcade 1990. He doesn’t mention that Z-Man beat him on Pro earlier in the day, however. Wayne manages to stay competitive for the first few minutes, hitting a solid dropkick for a man his size. Eaton blocks an O’Connor roll and drops Wayne with a clothesline. Eaton drops a couple of elbows across Wayne’s face and tells Z-Man to get a good luck at what he’s doing. Instead of going for the Jam he opts for a front facelock, elongating this match past the six minute mark. Wayne breaks out and connects with a series of knees followed by a back bodydrop to mount a mini-comeback but gets felled in short order and Eaton finally puts him away with the Alabama Jam. That took way too long. (6:40)


The Renegade Warriors vs. The State Patrol
Not Magnum Force again? Color me surprised. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vow to steal the Warriors’ post-match interview time via live insert promo. Mark Youngblood starts off with Lt. James Earl Wright, easily dominating him and Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker. Chris Youngblood tags in and Parker rolls him up but he quickly escapes and goes back to the arm. Ross mentions Main Event won’t be airing tomorrow due to other programming on TBS. Mark connects with a sunset flip from the middle buckle but can’t keep Parker down yet. Parker dodges a corner splash from Chris who goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. State Patrol take over for a bit to wear Chris down, Wright utilizing headbutts and Parker utilizing slams. Parker goes for a splash and Chris gets the knees up then makes the hot tag to Mark. Mark escapes a slam attempt and rolls Parker up but Wright breaks it up with a clothesline. State Patrol try to whip the Warriors into each other but they dosey-do and take the Patrol down with shoulderblocks, then finish off Parker with a double tomahawk chop for the victory. It was okay I guess, weird this one was more competitive but got less than time than the Eaton squash before it. (5:19)

  • Final Rating: *

Ringside Interview: Arn Anderson & Barry Windham
Jim Ross is standing by with the Horsemen. The Warriors immediately confront them and want to fight them right now. Anderson and Windham accept the challenge and a brawl breaks out as Ross signs off.


Final Thoughts: WCW did a decent job making the final sell for their first Clash of the Champions event of 1991, which most of the matches featuring wrestlers that’ll be in action on Wednesday and recapping certain feuds. Unfortunately since most of these contests were squashes there wasn’t much excitement in the ring but Morton and Rogers at least opened the show well. All in all though the flagship did what it was supposed to do and I’m looking forward to checking out Dixie Dynamite in all its glory. Flair/Steiner should be killer.

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