[TV Review] World Championship Wrestling – 2.16.91

Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

This week there’s a rematch from Dixie DynamiteBig Josh makes his surprise debut, the future Johnny B. Badd is here with a horrible mispelling of his real name, and I fall in love with a tag team that just isn’t meant to be. Oh and El Gigante wants the belt.

The Lineup

  • Tommy Rich vs. Jack Victory
  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Ron Cumberlidge & Bill Baker
  • Segment: Wrestling Wrap-Up w/ Gordon Solie
  • Dan Spivey vs. Chris Hann
  • Ringside Interview: Dan Spivey
  • Sid Vicious & Stan Hansen vs. Scotty Allen & Jeff Anderson
  • COTC Rematch: Tom Zenk vs. Bobby Eaton
  • Barry Windham vs. Ricky Nelson
  • Sting & Lex Luger vs. The State Patrol
  • Ringside Interview: Sting & Lex Luger
  • Dustin Rhodes vs. Rip Rogers
  • Ringside Segment: The Danger Zone w/ Paul E. Dangerously
  • Brian Pillman vs. Randy Starr
  • Doom vs. Marc Mero & Gregg Sawyer


Ross and Dangerously (and Missy Hyatt, randomly) welcome the home audience. Sid Vicious and Stan Hansen are teaming up tonight. I fear for the jobbers who drew the short straw for that one. Hyatt will also be interviewing Doom about their issues and the whereabouts of Teddy Long.

‘Wildfire’ Tommy Rich vs. Jack Victory [w/ Rip Morgan]

Victory is being called ‘Jacko’ but I refuse to accept this so we’re not doing it. Lots of hype about tomorrow night’s Omni show that we’re not going to see as Rich will be vying for the Six Man Tag Team Championship alongside Ricky Morton and Junkyard Dog. Boy am I sick of typing that every time one of those three is on the screen, can’t imagine how sick you are of reading it. Rich does a little rasslin’, Morgan tries to interfere and gets decked for his troubles. Rich is control for the first five minutes until Victory decks him and sends him to the floor. Morgan teases getting involved but the ref stops him from doing anything. Rich connects with an uppercut, Victory responds with a headbutt to the midsection and a clothesline for two. To the chinlock we go! Rich escapes via jawbreaker but misses a forearm drop. Rich goes for a sunset flip, Victory grabs the ropes but the ref kicks him off and Rich rolls him up for the 1…2…kickout. Back to the chinlock we go! Rich catches Victory with a back elbow off an Irish whip then connects with countalong rights in the corner mount. Rich follows up with a Thesz Press but in comes Morgan to stop the pinfall and cause a DQ. Match was alright, actually. Not great but spirited enough. I didn’t expect this one to go longer than three minutes. (9:16)

  • Final Rating: *1/4

Morgan continues attacking Rich after the bell until an unnamed fan dressed as a lumberjack shows up to save Rich. Wait a minute…lumberjack? It’s Big Josh! Big Josh is here! Rich defends the still not identified Josh, saying he didn’t know any better and they leave together to the back. Awesome. I love Big Josh. I’m an adult.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner) vs. Ron Cumberlidge & Bill Baker

The Steiner Brothers want the WCW World Tag Team Titles back, despite being the current United States Tag Team Champions (it’s cool if you forgot about that, so did I) according to an insert promo. They’re defending the belts they currently have at the Omni tomorrow night. Scott Steiner breaks Baker with an Angle Slam from the middle turnbuckles. Cumberlidge tags in and immediately gets suplexed for his troubles. In comes Rick Steiner, who hammer throws Cumberlidge into the corner. Cumberlidge goofily flips out of the corner to sell the move and gets Steinerlined for being a dummy. Also because he’s breathing. Rick misses an elbowdrop, awkwardly looks at his brother, then connects the second time. Cumberlidge gets dropped on his head, Rick laughs and tags in baby brother Scott for a double underhook sitout slam. Steiners finish Cumberlidge off with a Doomsday DDT, so I guess that move is still fair game after all. Entertaining squash, the Steiners love flinging around jobbers. (3:37)

  • Final Rating: FUN SQUASH

Segment: Wrestling Wrap-Up

Gordon Solie segues into a compilation of joshi (female wrestlers) action from Japan. There’s gonna be a joshi tag team match at WrestleWar hence why that happened. Solie then segues into footage from the Big Van Vader/Stan Hansen match from last year in Japan, the rematch happening at WrestleWar as well. He warns that some of it is too violent for television; that’s code for “the good stuff”. I’m still hyped though. Good segment to highlight the unique action they’re bringing to the PPV table next week. You wouldn’t see anything like this on a WWF PPV in 1991, I can tell you that from experience.

‘Dangerous’ Dan Spivey vs. Chris Hann

And FINALLY Dan Spivey shows his face on WCW TV, looking creepy as hell from his haircut to his bulging eyes. Wasn’t this dude initially presented as a heartthrob of sorts in the 80s? Maybe I’m remembering that wrong. Spivey connects with a Razor’s Edge (I don’t know the generic term for it) but breaks his own pinfall to deal more damage, including a hard-hitting clothesline that sounds like a damn chop. Hann’s poor chest/mullet. A Hangman’s Neckbreaker almost ends the match as well but Spivey wants to keep going and finally ends the match with a side slam. Honestly the Razor’s Edge would have been a much better finishing move but hey you do you, Dangerous Dan. A good squash match that I don’t mind went almost four minutes because this is probably one of the few times we’ll actually see him on TV before WrestleWar. Get it all in while you can. (3:44)

  • Final Rating: GOOD SQUASH

Ringside Interview: Dan Spivey

Ross interviews Dangerous Dan after his match. This is Spivey’s first attempt at capturing the United States Championship and he doesn’t plan on losing because he doesn’t like to lose. He also has some very flattering things to say about Lex Luger’s body. What a nice guy.

Sid Vicious & Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen vs. Scotty Allen & Jeff Anderson

Sid and Hansen attack their jobber opponents almost immediately. They cut an insert promo on their opponents, Sting & Lex Luger, for tomorrow night’s Omni show. If any of you have this show on tape, fancam I assume, please let me know. I need to see this. Hansen wrestles with a mouthful of chewing tobacco, Sid pins Allen with a Power Bomb. Too bad this team isn’t going to be one that lasts because holy hell I would pay money to see them face The Steiner Brothers. They’d annihilate each other. (1:11)


Sid’s EMTs come out, and he and Hansen put both of them on the gurney before tipping it over and dealing more damage. This is the new greatest tag team of all-time.

Ross and Dangerously hype the next match, a Dixie Dynamite rematch between Tom Zenk and Bobby Eaton. Segue to footage from that event where Eaton had his shoulder up but still lost via pinfall. That’s why this rematch is happening. Too bad Z-Man already lost the Television Championship so he doesn’t get a title rematch.

Clash of the Champions Rematch
‘The Z-Man’ Tom Zenk vs. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton

They lock up before the bell even rings. Eaton shoves Zenk, Zenk shoves back and Eaton hides in the corner. The crowd 100000000% behind Bobby Eaton, who is wrestling Brad Armstrong at WrestleWar. That could be good. Zenk is facing Terry Taylor in a No-DQ match at the PPV due to their issues over the past few weeks. That…will probably be much of the same but their matches haven’t been unwatchable. Zenk peppers Eaton with rights and connects with armdrag takeover into the armbar, transitioning into a wristlock for further torque. Eaton escapes with via poke of the eye and sends Zenk to the apron with an elbow. Zenk rams Eaton’s head into the corner and hits a flying sunset flip for the 1…2…Eaton rolls out and applies a Boston Crab. Zenk escapes and back to the armdrag/armbar we go. Eaton connects with a hip toss but gets kicked away and it’s back to the armbar once more. Super fun recap to read, isn’t it? Alexandra York shows up at ringside with her COM-PEW-TOR to do some research for Taylor ahead of WrestleWar. That’s some good managing right there. Eaton hits Zenk with a neckbreaker and covers but only gets two. Eaton connects with a concealed fist and sends Zenk to the floor, Eaton following up with a clothesline while York continues watching. Eaton works over Zenk’s back some more and applies a modified Camel Clutch after a lateral press fails to put the Z-Man down. Zenk escapes, Eaton responds with a running knee to the skull to stop any potential comeback. Back to the modified Camel Clutch we go, Zenk gets to the ropes so Eaton rakes his fist across the Z-Man’s eyes for extra punishment. Eaton misses a flying elbowdrop, Zenk begins his comeback with a back bodydrop and a Superkick into a powerslam for the 1…2…kickout. Zenk applies an Abdominal Stretch in the center of the ring, in comes Terry Taylor with a double axhandle off the top rope, causing a DQ and a win for the Z-Man. Good match, far better than I was expecting. (11:27)

  • Final Rating: **1/2

Taylor, who has his hair in a ponytail now that he’s a heel, continues the assault then asks Eaton if he wants to contribute. Eaton attacks Taylor instead and sends him flying out to the floor. Eaton did a similar thing to the Freebirds when they attacked Ricky Morton during one of his matches last month. He has no time for other people sticking their nose in his business.

Barry Windham [w/ Arn Anderson] vs. Ricky Nelson

An insert promo airs from Windham and Arn Anderson. Anderson throws shade at Bobby Eaton, Windham throws shade at Ron Simmons. I’m assuming they’re both wrestling in singles matches at the Omni tomorrow night. Windham has a boy’s haircut and it’s distracting me more than it usually does. Nelson manages to kick out of a pinfall attempt and gets some shots in but that offensive flurry is short-lived. Windham sends Nelson to the floor and out comes Anderson IN ZUBAZ PANTS to cheap shot Nelson. A Superplex ends the match much later than it should have. (6:11)


Sting & ‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger vs. The State Patrol (Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Lt. James Earl Wright)

Will Sting & Lex Luger be able to stop The State Patrol’s 1-match undefeated streak?!? Let’s find out. I think Dangerously just made a Black Scorpion joke on commentary but I’m not going to rewind and find out. State Patrol double team Luger and get a double clothesline for their troubles. Sting tags in and works Parker’s left arm over, swinging him around the ring and just out of reach for a tag to his partner. Sting fights out of the State Patrol corner and connects with a back bodydrop on Parker. Luger tags back in, Parker rakes the eyes and tags in Wright who gets taken to the mat with an armdrag. Sting tags in, Wright connects with a scoop slam. Parker tags in, runs into an armdrag/armbar. So many armdrags, folks. Sting gets clubbed in the State Patrol corner for a bit but easily fights out and drops an elbow on Wright. Quick tags by the faces as Wright gets taken to school. Stinger Splash into the Scorpion Death Lock for the victory. I don’t know why I recapped this one like it was going to be a competitive match but hey whatever it happened. I was weirdly into this one despite the outcome being obvious and the action being one-sided.

  • Final Rating: *1/4

Ringside Interview: Sting & Lex Luger

Ross steps away from the announce table to interview the winning duo about their match against Sid & Stan Hansen tomorrow night at the Omni (again, if you’ve got a tape of this event send it my way). Luger tells Sid & Hansen won’t have as easy a time as they did beating up those jobbers earlier. Sting CHEWS SOME GODDAMN TOBACCO to mock Hansen while he’s throwing shade and what the hell?!? Gross. I may smoke tobacco, but chewing it is low-rent.

‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes vs. Rip Rogers

Rogers is a solid choice to make Rhodes look good in his first match for, as his father would later call it, ‘the muthasheeeeip’. Rhodes does a terrible impression of his father via insert promo. I think it’s the same one that aired earlier in the day. Dangerously brings up Rogers’ whole ‘Marathon Man’ gimmick where he gets better the longer the match goes. Not necessarily true here but I like them remembering gimmicks. Rogers manages some offense, tossing Rhodes to the floor for his flying double axhandle spot but Rhodes counters it with a shot to the gut. Rhodes brings Rogers back into the ring, dodges a corner splash, and a Bulldog for the victory. Rhodes has some rough edges but you can already tell he’s a lot better than expected. Rogers ruled as usual. (4:38)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Ringside Segment: The Danger Zone

Dangerously segues into a video narrated by Jim Ross about the feud between Ric Flair and El Gigante. Back live Dangerously’s guest is Gigante himself to talk “face to belly button”. Ha. Dangerously questions Gigante’s credentials for getting a shot at the WCW World Title, then mocks him for his Spanish. Gigante grabs Dangerously by the shoulder, bringing him to his knees, and yells “I WANT THE BELT!”. Oh, so he wants the belt. Finally some clarity as to his motivations. Dangerously calls for a cut to commercial and I guess that’s the end of this one.

Ross is standing by with Missy Hyatt, who won’t be allowed to go into the men’s locker room to do her interview with Doom. Ross calls Grizzly Smith, Doug Dillinger, Tommy Rich, and Big Josh who are still apparently hanging out at ringside. Rich says Josh is his old hunting buddy and takes responsibility for him so they can remove the cuffs. Josh breaks the cuffs off himself and gets pumped to meet Ross. He introduces himself as Big Josh, so now he’s officially named. Josh says hello to his friends in the Northwest as Rich pulls him away from the mic. Awesome.

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. Randy Starr

Ross puts over how much of an underdog Pillman is when it comes to the War Games match next at WrestleWar. He’s definitely not an underdog in this match though, that’s for sure. Pillman goes through the motions while Ross continues to sell the Omni show us non-Atlanta residents will get to see. A Flying Clothesline ends this one. (4:10)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed) vs. Marc Mero & Gregg Sawyer

A pre-Johnny B. Badd Marc Mero (spelled on the graphic as ‘Mark Merro’ ugh) is here to do job duties. Don’t worry he brought his mustache. Simmons flings Sawyer around for a bit before tagging Reed so he can get his licks in. Mero tags in and gets punched right in the goddamn throat, jesus. I guess it was accidental? The thumb to the throat wasn’t though. Seeing Marc Mero in generic wrestling tights is so weird. Simmons tags in and Doom gets the victory with a super Hart Attack (Simmons came off the middle rope). Right on. I am not looking forward to their match against The Freebirds at WrestleWar. (4:24)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Ross and Hyatt are ringside. Ross tries to do the sign off, Dangerously shows up with ice on his shoulder complaining about El Gigante. Hyatt slaps the hurt shoulder to be a jerk. Ross hypes Zenk/Taylor for Main Event tomorrow so I guess that match is still happening. I can’t keep up!


Final Thoughts: Good show. Didn’t care for all of the Omni hype since it’s a house show and I can’t watch it but I understand why it happened. House shows mattered back then and what not. Cool to see Big Josh debut and Marc Mero show up as a generic jobber. All that plus a good match between Zenk/Eaton and some fun squashes made the time go by.

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