[TV Review] Worldwide – 1.19.91

wcw worldwide

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell

Worldwide this week is pretty much this week’s episode of Power Hour with new commentary and a new Sullivan’s Saloon. At least we have that.

The Lineup

  • Konnan vs. Chuck Coats (Power Hour – 1.19.91)
  • Big Cat & The Motor City Madman vs. Allen Iron Eagle & Greg Sawyer (Power Hour – 1.19.91)
  • Wrestling Wrap-Up w/ Gordon Solie
  • The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force (Power Hour – 1.19.91)
  • Tom Zenk (c) vs. Bill Irwin for the WCW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (Power Hour – 1.19.91)
  • Sullivan’s Saloon w/ The Steiner Brothers
  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Reno Riggins & Italian Stallion (Power Hour – 1.19.91)
  • Terry Taylor vs. Mike Thor (Power Hour – 1.12.91)


Schiavone and Mantell open the show talking about Flair’s World Title win last Friday. Mantell wants a moment of silence for the ‘deposed’ champion Sting. Didn’t know Mantell knew big words like deposed. Good for him.

Konnan vs. Chuck Coats
Konnan picks up the win here like he did earlier in the day when this match first aired. (3:31)

  • Final Rating: *

The Big Cat & The Motor City Madman vs. Allen Iron Eagle & Greg Sawyer
Yup same match as Power Hour but this time we get an insert promo from the heel team, who want to go after some tag team gold. I know the tag team division has a lot of stiffs but I don’t like their chances. Anyway Big Cat & Madman pick up the victory after Iron Eagle kicks out of the first finishing move seemingly by accident. I could be wrong though. (2:15)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Wrestling Wrap-Up w/ Gordon Solie
WCW switches it up and reuses the interview Paul E. Dangerously conducted with Ric Flair on this week’s episode of Pro, swapping out The Danger Zone background with a generic WCW logo background. Effort? Solie says Flair’s COTC opponent Scott Steiner has been pegged as the star of the 90s. Eh not until he gains a whole lot of unnatural body mass and bleaches his hair.

The Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force
Yay, Magnum Force! Arn Anderson sits in on commentary for this reused footage to build his and Windham’s match against The Warriors set for COTC. Mantell sucks up to Anderson like the heel he is, Anderson spits venom at Doom, vowing he and Windham will be Tag Team Champions once again. We then go to an insert promo from the Warriors, who are going to be put another notch in their tomahawk in 1991. GET IT THEY’RE NATIVE AMERICANS. Anyway they win because the wrestling world wasn’t ready for Magnum Force’s dominance. (4:44)

  • Final Rating: *

WCW Television Championship
‘The Z-Man’ Tom Zenk (c) vs. ‘Wild’ Bill Irwin
I think Irwin’s whip sounds were added in post-production. That’s pretty funny. That’s all I got though since I already reviewed this one. Zenk gets the win after countering a superplex attempt with a lateral press. The deadly lateral press, I mean. Zenk’s best match since becoming champion but that’s not a high mark to hit. (4:32)

  • Final Rating: *3/4

Segment Time: Sullivan’s Saloon
Kevin Sullivan and his crazy ass manic personality welcome Rick Steiner to the Saloon. They watch footage of the 12.22.90 episode of WCW where The Freebirds tricked their way into a U.S. Tag Team Title shot. Perhaps you’ve seen it FIVE HUNDRED TIMES LIKE I HAVE AT THIS POINT. Scott Steiner, making his first appearance on WCW TV this year, waltzes in to protect his big brother from being taken advantage of. The Steiners love to beat people up and that’s bad news for the Freebirds. The Steiner Brothers leave and Sullivan makes fun of Scott’s pink shirt before closing time. Sullivan either hates this and is overacting to tank it or he decided to just lean right into the insanity and is overacting to make it interesting. Either way I think I love this interview segment more than I should.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Reno Riggins & Italian Stallion
Riggins does a great job selling as The Freebirds win via DDT. Again this was already on Power Hour so I’m not reviewing it a second time. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME, DAD. (4:20)

  • Final Rating: *1/4

Vignette Time: Anderson & Windham
Arn Anderson and Barry Windham walk around a ‘ghetto’ part of town, making thinly-veiled racist comments about Doom probably living there, and doubling down on how they’re going to be violent but lawfully violent. This aired on the 1.19.91 edition of Pro already so go there for more info on it.

Terry Taylor vs. Mike Thor
Hey look they threw us a curveball and aired a match from last week’s episode of Power Hour. Cool. Taylor wins with the Five Arm because of course he does. (0:57)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Schiavone concludes the show with TV Champ The Z-Man. Zenk says the heat is on in the TV Title division and he’s up to the challenge. Thrilling.


Final Thoughts: Honestly this was mostly recycled stuff so it feels weird making any comments on it. Sullivan’s Saloon was fun though, I guess.

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