[TV Review] Worldwide – 2.16.91

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Gordon Solie

Arn Anderson defends the TV Title, Sid Vicious mercs another jobber, and The State Patrol pick up win number two of the year.

The Lineup

  • Sting vs. Samurai
  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Steve Stacks & Mike Samples
  • The State Patrol vs. Larry Santo & Jim Boss
  • Brian Pillman vs. J.W. Wolf
  • Sid Vicious vs. Tom Sawyer
  • Ringside Interview: Sid Vicious
  • Arn Anderson [c] vs. Bobby Eaton for the WCW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Pre-Recorded Promo: Ric Flair
  • El Gigante vs. Mike Thor
  • Post-Match Shenanigans: El Gigante, Ric Flair, & Sting
  • Ron Simmons vs. Dave Perry


Schiavone and Solie welcome the home audience, hype WrestleWar, then go into some footage pertaining to the Ric Flair/El Gigante conflict.

Sting vs. Samurai

Samurai is rocking a generic Japanese gimmick, complete with a Rising Sun flag. He’s not even trying, come on. Sting says some unnecessary stuff in an insert promo before the bell rings. Sting immediately locks in a Scorpion Death Lock but he gets to the ropes. Sting hits Samurai with a Stinger Splash and the second Scorpion Death Lock does it. (1:52)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Schiavone and Solie talk at ringside about WrestleWar, hyping the big return match between Big Van Vader and Stan Hansen. Cut to some footage from their original match in Japan last year. No Jim Ross commentary here, we get the original Japanese commentary. They hit each other a lot.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner) vs. Steve Stacks & Mike Samples

Stacks and Samples are wearing matching singlets in a show of solidarity. I respect that. Scott Steiner throws one of them around with a belly-to-belly suplex that Solie pronounces as ‘soo-play’. God I missed that. I’m so glad Gordon Solie is doing commentary for this run of shows. Anyway Steiners win with a Doomsday Bulldog, probably realizing that the Doomsday DDT they used on TV last week will probably get their asses sued at some point. (1:30)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

The State Patrol (Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Lt. James Earl Wright) vs. Larry Santo & Jim Boss

State Patrol time, baby. Parker and Wright attack at the bell and maintain control for the rest of the squash, with quick tags and nice double team moves en route to victory. They’re a solid tag team, I’m surprised they didn’t at least get a tiny run with the U.S. Tag Team Titles or something. (2:08)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. J.W. Wolf

No time to waste here as Pillman makes his entrance for the next match within seconds of the other ending. J.W. Wolf has the name of an aristocrat and the look of a bum. Brian goes a Flyin’ and wins in short order with a Flying Crossbody. (2:18)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Sid Vicious vs. Tom Sawyer

Get your Rush and Mark Twain jokes out of the way, folks. Sid ruins Sawyer’s day with a helicopter throw then wins with a Powerbomb. (1:21)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Sid’s non-Horsemen (aw) EMT crew pull Sawyer out on the gurney. Sid pushes Sawyer off and continues the attack like the bully he is. Don’t tell Sid I called him a bully please, I don’t want to die.

Ringside Interview: Sid Vicious

Schiavone asks Sid why he keeps doing this whole stretcher thing. Sid has a goal for 1991: crippling every person he faces and sending them home on a stretcher en route to ruling the world.

Schiavone and Solie segue into Arn Anderson winning the TV Title from Tom Zenk earlier in the month by using the ropes for leverage.

WCW Television Championship
‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson [c] vs. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton

Anderson beat Eaton to become the #1 Contender to the Television Championship then defeated Zenk  a week later to win the strap. Eaton connects with a shoulderblock and almost gets the pin right there, surprising Anderson. Eaton backs Anderson into the ropes and catches him with a hard right, then connects with a scoop slam for another two-count. Eaton follows up with a bulldog and Anderson hides under the ropes to force ref involvement. Anderson drives a knee into Eaton’s gut and rakes his eyes across his boot laces. Eaton reverses an Irish whip and counters a sunset flip attempt with a series of rights. More rights from Eaton and Anderson bails to the floor to regroup, calling for a time-out. Anderson counters a backdrop attempt with a Ghordbuster. Eaton catches Anderson with a kick and a running neckbreaker, covering for the 1…2…Anderson kicks out. Eaton connects with a flying kneedrop from the top turnbuckle and covers again for the 1…2…Anderson grabs the rope to force a break. Eaton tries a leapfrog, Anderson holds position and headbutts him right in the family jewels, rolling him up with a handful of tights for the 1…2…3! Anderson retains the championship via underhanded tactics, that dastardly heel. This was a great match, all fire from both men. Dug it a lot. (6:15)

  • Final Rating: ***

Ric Flair cuts a pre-recorded promo about winning the World Championship for the seventh time. He’s back and better than ever. Flair throws shade at Sting and El Gigante and that’s that.

El Gigante vs. Mike Thor

Gigante uses a chop and a Claw and gets a win. (0:43)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

After the match Ric Flair goads Gigante at ringside. Sting shows up and rolls Flair into the ring to make him back up his words. Flair immediately freaks out and bails, Sting and Gigante standing tall in the middle of the ring. Sting tries to raise Gigante’s arm in victory but he’s way too tall. That was pretty funny.

Schiavone and Solie segue into footage of Dan Spivey’s attack on Lex Luger at Clash of the Champions last month to hype their match at WrestleWar next weekend.

Ron Simmons vs. Dave Perry

No Reed or Long with Simmons for this one. Simmons potatoes the hell out of Perry, nearly killing the poor dude with a clothesline and winning with a Spinebuster. Jesus. (1:25)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

Schiavone and Solie put over Simmons being a dedicated athlete, having no time for the material possessions Reed and Long have become obsessed with, then they sign off.


Final Thoughts: Eaton and Anderson unsurprisingly stole the show with another good match that was seven minutes of non-stop fighting. Loved it. The squashes were pretty good as well and Schiavone and Solie did a good job hyping up some of the big WrestleWar matches. Hell even the Flair/Gigante feud got some more juice. Worldwide killed it this week.

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