[TV Review] Worldwide – 2.2.91

wcw worldwide

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Kevin Sullivan

This week’s Worldwide is a good one (no, really) as Arn Anderson challenges for the Television Championship, The Freebirds have an honest to god worthwhile match, and The Steiner Brothers truck the everloving hell out of The Master Blasters.

The Lineup

  • Brian Pillman & Brad Armstrong vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
  • Sid Vicious vs. Dave Johnson (Power Hour – 2.2.91)
  • Clip: Sting (c) vs. Ric Flair for the WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (Meadowlands – 1.11.91)
  • Doom vs. Scott Allen & Carl Robertson
  • Tom Zenk (c) vs. Arn Anderson for the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Tommy Rich vs. John Peterson
  • The Steiner Brothers vs. The Master Blasters


Like Pro this week Worldwide starts with footage from Sting/Ric Flair at the Meadowlands. The revolving commentary door continues as Kevin Sullivan joins Schiavone on commentary this week. Sullivan is in his saloon garb. Go Sox.

‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman & ‘The Candy Man’ Brad Armstrong vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
Pillman is slated to be part of the WrestleWar main event but here he is slumming it in a tag team with Armstrong, who’s just floating around to wherever he’s needed. Not that I’m against seeing Brad Armstrong on my television screen though, dude rules. Pillman leads a ‘Freebirds Suck!’ chant, taking Michael Hayes off his game immediately. Armstrong and Pillman control the opening few minutes, whipping Hayes so much that he heel hugs Jimmy Garvin for some homophobic heat. Garvin tags in and gets caught in a headlock Pillman refuses to releases. Hayes runs in and Pillman takes him down with a headscissors while Garvin is still in a headlock and the Freebirds bail to the floor as the crowd goes wild. Garvin whips Pillman into the ropes and Hayes kicks him from behind to turn the tide. Garvin sends Pillman to the floor and distracts the ref, allowing Hayes to deck him with a left hook. Pillman tries to climb back in but Garvin knees him off the apron and into the guardrail. Ouch. He’s lucky his chest didn’t cave in like Bret Hart’s did. Pillman counters a vertical suplex with one of his own and Armstrong gets the hot tag, giving Garvin a back bodydrop and dropkicks to both Freebirds. Double noggin knocker to the Freebirds followed by a double springboard clothesline from Pillman. The ref gets caught up with getting Pillman back to the apron, allowing Hayes to DDT Armstrong and Garvin to get the pin. The Freebirds follow up their dumpster fire of a match at Dixie Dynamite with one of their better matches of the year on Worldwide. Nice. (6:17)

  • Final Rating: **1/4

Sid Vicious vs. Dave Johnson
This match aired earlier today on Power Hour. Sid talks about his new stretcher gimmick in an insert promo but that’s all that’s new really outside of the commentary. (1:03)

  • Final Rating: SID SQUASH

Clip: Sting (c) vs. Ric Flair for the WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (Meadowlands – 1.11.91)
Schiavone says this footage is exclusive to Worldwide but this is the same exact segment of the match seen on Pro. Since this probably aired in more markets than Pro did I guess I’ll let them get away with it. Anyway Flair wins, new champ, Sting had foot on the rope but ref didn’t see it.

Doom [w/ Theodore R. Long] vs. Scott Allen & Carl Robertson
Long cuts a prerecorded promo about being the best manager in pro wrestling and the ‘owner’ of the best tag team in pro wrestling. Hmm. Schiavone teases a big feature match slated for next week’s Worldwide to be announced later as Butch Reed dominates Robertson. Reed has the match won with a Tombstone but Long yells at him to pull him up and continue. Butterfly suplex and another lateral press but Long doesn’t want to see the carnage end. Ron Simmons tags in and chokes Robertson with his boot and decks him in front of Allen. Simmons drills Robertson with a powerslam and tries to pin but Long once again yells at him to let him up. Allen gets the tag that he wanted for reasons beyond me (I’d personally sit out a beating from Doom) and doesn’t fare much better. Reed connects with a flying elbow from the middle buckle and tags in Simmons for the finishing flying clothesline for the victory. That’s that. This was fun, Long’s controlling nature plus Reed’s focus on partying over wrestling is building Simmons’ eventual face turn nicely. Schiavone keeps calling Doom’s finisher a sidewalk slam and it’s driving me absolutely crazy. (4:16)


‘The Z-Man’ Tom Zenk (c) vs. ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson for the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP
Zenk defeated Anderson for the title during the 12.22.90 edition of World Championship Wrestling and Anderson recently won the #1 contendership by defeating Bobby Eaton (which aired on both the 1.26.91 Worldwide and the 2.2.91 Power Hour). Anderson tries to keep the pace slow to start, complaining of hair pulls and stalling so Zenk can’t string offense together. Zenk slaps on a side headlock and keeps it wrenched in when Anderson tries to whip him off. Anderson finally breaks free but gets felled by a shoulderblock and once again he stalls to slow things down. Anderson tosses Zenk to the floor, Zenk trips the legs and rams his left knee into the post before pulling him crotch-first into the steel. If Anderson wanted to sell that for real he’d start vomiting and crying. Back to the headlock Zenk goes, Anderson continually shifting the weight to try and get a pin but he isn’t successful. Zenk dodges a kneedrop and slaps on a Figure Four. A lot of people certainly love using the World Champion’s finisher as a mid-match move. Zenk catches Anderson with a flying crossbody but Anderson rolls through and, with his feet on the ropes, gets the pin and is the new Television Champion! We have our first televised title change of 1991! That’s the same way Anderson beat Terry Taylor on the 1.5.91 edition of World Championship Wrestling, which…has no bearing here really but I thought it was interesting to point out. Also fun to point out is this match was taped before Dixie Dynamite so Zenk actually defended a TV Title had lost during that show. WCW is crazy. Anyway good match, was a lot shorter than I was expecting but I enjoyed what was there. Too bad about Zenk though, the folks in charge of WCW lost faith in him for no reason. Crowd dug him, he didn’t suck, and most importantly he was a fresh face as champion. Poor guy. (5:47)

  • Final Rating: **1/4

‘Wildfire’ Tommy Rich vs. John Peterson
Apparently a title change isn’t a good enough way to end this episode as we’ve got two matches to go. John Peterson has been all over WCW TV lately. Schiavone announces that Barry Windham will take on Ron Simmons in the featured match of next week’s show. Why this is happening on Worldwide instead of Pro where it’s been actually getting the build is a question I can’t answer. Side note this is most definitely not worthy of the hype Schiavone poured into it but hey if you grew up during The Monday Night War you’re probably not surprised that this is the case. Peterson takes another ass kicking and Rich wins with the Thesz Press. K. (3:03)

  • Final Rating: SQUASH

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Master Blasters
The U.S. Tag Team Championship is not on the line for this one. This actually pays off a feud they sort-of kind-of built last month on the 1.19.91 edition of Pro (which was recycled into the 1.26.91 edition of Power Hour) when The Master Blasters threatened to beat up Rick Steiner but didn’t actually do it. Master Blasters are pretty much done as a team though it looks like as the two have totally ditched their Road Warriors ripoff look and now just look like a couple of big dudes in normal attire. Hell Steel is wearing a damn singlet and doesn’t even have a mohawk anymore for god’s sakes. Steiners aren’t announced as the U.S. Tag Team Champions even though they hold those belts at the moment (this is a non-title affair though). Steel and Rick Steiner brawl on the floor while Scott Steiner wrecks Blade in the ring, hitting a Frankensteiner for the quick victory. Well damn, no wonder they didn’t invest a lot of time in a Steiners/Master Blasters feud last month. (0:51)

  • Final Rating: MEGA SQUASH

The Fabulous Freebirds try to attack The Steiner Brothers after the bell but they’re quickly cleared from the ring so the Steiners can celebrate their win. Looks like this feud is back on track.

Schiavone and Sullivan hype next week’s big Windham/Simmons match before signing off.


Final Thoughts: Well I’ll be damned Worldwide brought the goods this week. Color me legitimately shocked. The Freebirds had their best outing in quite some time and we even got a major title change out of nowhere as Arn Anderson regained the Television Championship. Even the squashes were fun, with The Steiners making short and pathetic work out of The Master Blasters and Doom building their obvious split. Good use of my 38 minutes, WCW. Hat’s off to you. Don’t know why you wouldn’t put the TV Title match in the main event slot but hey whatever you do you.

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