[TV Rundown] ‘Power Hour’ 06.01.1991 – The York Foundation Hearts Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sting & Luger in Action

COMMENTATORS: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

WCW kicks off June 1991 with an ALL-ORIGINAL episode of the Power Hour, featuring The York Foundation trying to recruit a somewhat interested Ricky Morton plus some decent squashes and Gordon Solie having to call PN News a “Rapmaster” with a straight face. Great stuff.


  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
  • WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Ricky Morton, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich, & The Junkyard Dog


  • Ron Simmons & El Gigante vs. Doug Vines & Jeff Sword
  • Lex Luger vs. Randy Barber
  • Sting vs. Lou Fabiano
  • The Angel of Death vs. Rick Ryder
  • Dustin Rhodes & Bobby Eaton vs. Terrence Taylor & Arn Anderson (**)
  • THE DANGER ZONE w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Ricky Morton
  • PN News vs. Mike Thor



Ron Simmons & El Gigante defeated Doug Vines & Jeff Sword when Gigante pinned Sword with the Claw (3:27)

  • Simmons rocking another random tag team partner. El Gigante is no Big Van Vader though.
  • Sword doesn’t want El Gigante in the ring, Ross compares him to Sid Vicious who also didn’t want to wrestle Gigante anymore. SH-SH-SH-SHADE.

-Ross and Dangerously talk about the various people who want to beat Ron Simmons up, giving him a reason to bring El Gigante in as a tag team partner/backup. Emphasis on the Gigante/One Man Gang feud.

“The Total Package” Lex Luger defeated Randy Barber via submission with the Torture Rack (2:16)

  • Luger is STILL without a new United States Title after Koloff destroyed the other one. Did it get lost in the mail or something?

-Ross and Dangerously hype Luger/Muta for Knocksville U.S.A.; the winner will face the World Champion next month at The Great American Bash. Cool but is Luger ever going to defend the U.S. Title again?

Sting defeated Lou Fabiano via submission with the Scorpion Death Lock (2:45)

  • Ross hypes THE BRUISE CRUISE scheduled for November. Imagine being stuck on a cruise ship of pro wrestling fans. The smell, y’all, THE SMELL.
  • Sting almost gets the Scorpion Death Lock early, but Fabiano is close enough to force a rope break. He’s not as lucky the second time.

The Angel of Death [w/ Teddy Long] defeated Rick Ryder via pinfall with a side slam (1:58 or so)

  • For a dude called THE ANGEL OF DEATH he is very uninspiring.

-WRESTLING NEWS NETWORK: Gordon Solie is here to, heh heh, RAP about PN News, cut to clip of News making Paul E. Dangerously dance last week on Main Event. Solie says that News is indeed a Rapmaster (delivered PERFECTLY) but is also a wrestler, then we go to a clip of News beating Doug Gilbert a few weeks back on World Championship Wrestling. Solie pivots to Eaton/Taylor from Main Event, featuring interference from both Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes. Anderson may or may not be joining The York Foundation. That’s cute they think he would slum it THAT low. He has a better Alliance in his future. There will be no Main Event tomorrow, but next week these four will meet in a tag team match. Isn’t that happening today too or did I make that up? Boy my attention span is bad, huh?

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes & “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton [w/ Ricky Morton] vs. “The Computerized Man of the 1990s” Terrence Taylor & “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson [w/ Alexandra York & Mr. Hughes]

Morton walked out on Rhodes not once but TWICE last week, but apparently Rhodes has been hanging out with Sting too much because he still trusts the guy. Hmm.

Rhodes trash talks and slaps Rhodes, following up with clubbing forearms. Rhodes reverses an Irish whip, Eaton hits him from behind and all four men brawl before the heels take a powder. Ross reiterates there will be no Main Event tomorrow night but I’ve got one in my library so I wonder what that’s going to end up being. Rhodes dodges Anderson in the corner and hits a series of count-a-long rights; Eaton delivers a right of his own and Anderson bails to his corner. Eaton tags in, Anderson with a hammerlock but it’s countered with an elbow to the bridge of the nose. Morton doesn’t seem particularly interested in being out there, I wonder whyyyy. Heels take another powder, Taylor checks the COM-PEW-TOR.

Anderson backs Eaton in the ropes and drives a shoulder into the midsection followed by some strikes. Eaton reverses the Irish whip and grabs a sleeper. Taylor runs in, Eaton puts the sleeper on him as well until the ref stops it since he isn’t the legal man. Anderson and Taylor regroup in the aisle, Rhodes and Eaton attack them and bring them back in the ring. Eaton grabs a side headlock on Taylor, Morton walks over to York and have a conversation then WALKS AWAY AGAIN. Y’all need to use your damn brains and stop letting Morton get involved. I wonder what Tommy Rich and Junkyard Dog know what’s up given that they’re Six Man Tag Team Champs…if that’s still a thing. Dangerously leaves to get comments from Morton as Rhodes gets the hot tag and cleans house. Rhodes counters a backdrop attempt with an inside cradle for the 1…2…3!

Dustin Rhodes & Bobby Eaton defeated Terrence Taylor & Arn Anderson via pinfall (7:19)

  • Well that was abrupt. Match was okay, Morton walking off again wasn’t surprising. Rhodes and Eaton being SHOCKED about it is a little strange though. Read the room fellas, he’s not exactly hiding anything well. (**)

-THE DANGER ZONE: Dangerously introduces his guest Ricky Morton to the ring. Dangerously asks about the conference he had with Alexandra York. In come Terrence Taylor, Alexandra York, and Mr. Hughes. York offers Morton a contract with The York Foundation. Morton takes the contract, Dustin Rhodes interrupts and asks what he’s doing. Morton says he’s going to look it over and make the right decision. I WONDER WHAT THE DECISION IS GOING TO BE.

-VIDEO: Tony Schiavone goes over the matches signed for Clash of the Champions on June 12th. No mention of Flair/Eaton which has already been signed, instead Schiavone says the main event announcement is yet to come. Uhhhh ok.

“The Rapmaster” PN News defeated Mike Thor via pinfall with the Broken Record (1:42)

  • Ross mentions that there is no Danger Zone scheduled for World Championship Wrestling, same as last week.

-Ross and Dangerously put PN News over and wonder if Ricky Morton will accept The York Foundation’s offer. Dangerously shows off a “Confidential” letter for Missy Hyatt he will be delivering tonight. You know it’s Confidential because it says it in big red letters.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Not only did this Power Hour feature original matches but also had some STORYLINE DEVELOPMENT as The York Foundation move to sign Ricky Morton. Hell yeah. I hope this keeps up, as much as I don’t mind regurgitating my recaps for Power Hour coverage it’d be nice to see something new.


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