[TV Rundown] ‘POWER HOUR’ 07.13.1991 – Luger, Windham, Others in Action

COMMENTATORS: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

Great American Bash weekend starts off with Power Hour as a host of folks are in action, plus the final Great American Bash Control Center, some Luger/Windham hype, and…not much more honestly but it’s a fun watch if you’re into the Ross/Dangerously banter.


  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Stunning” Steve Austin
  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
  • WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Jimmy “Jam” Garvin, & Badstreet)



-Dangerously hypes tomorrow’s Great American Bash PPV, Lex Luger and Barry Windham are both in action today ahead of their historic encounter for the vacant World Championship.

Big Josh defeated Tim Frye via pinfall with a seated splash (2:23)

  • Josh falls on his ass during a Log Roll attempt, laughs it off, and executes it correctly the second time. 
  • Ross hypes the Josh/Black Blood Lumberjack Match for Great American Bash. I thought it wasn’t actually going to happen but apparently it does and I am SO EXCITED.


Dangerously hypes Luger/Windham in a Cage Match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. This affects the OTHER cage match, as now the six-person contest scheduled originally is a tag team affair as Rick Steiner teams with Missy Hyatt against Arn Anderson & Dangerously. Rest of the card is hyped as well, Richard Morton and Robert Gibson have some comments about their singles match against one another. Comments from Barry Windham who tells Lex Luger to be ready for the battle of his life because he will prove he is the next World Heavyweight Champion. 

-MUSIC VIDEO: PN News raps the lineup for The Great American Bash, a disclaimer making sure to not pay attention to the part about Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger. 

-CLIP: Steve Austin upsets Bobby Eaton for the TV Title (dated as last week’s Power Hour, actually took place on the 6.29.91 episode of Worldwide Wrestling)

“Stunning” Steve Austin [w/ Lady Blossom] defeated Ian Weston via pinfall with a driving lariat (2:02)

  • Austin is going to help Anderson & Zbyszko try and take the mask off The Yellow Dog tonight on World Championship Wrestling, hoping to collect on the bounty before The Great American Bash. Johnny B. Badd better interfere so he can still get the chance. He won’t, obviously, but HE SHOULD.

“The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff defeated Johnny Meadows via pinfall with the Russian Sickle (2:02)

Barry Windham defeated Kerry Booth via pinfall with the Superplex (2:30)

  • Power Hour graphic misspells Kerry Booth as “Terry Booth”. Or maybe it’s been Terry the whole time. Could be a Jerry/Gerry Parks and Rec thing. WCW was ahead of its time.

-Ross and Dangerously discuss the World Heavyweight Championship situation and the beginning of a new era that will start tomorrow night at The Great American Bash. Dangerously calls it an unprecedented situation for WCW. Cut to Jim Herd’s comments from World Championship Wrestling announcing the departure of Flair. Back to Ross and Dangerously to comment on it.

-VIDEO: Hype for Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham. Luger is still getting most of the shine as he was back when it was going to be against Ric Flair. 

-Back to Ross and Dangerously who announces that Luger will be taking calls on the WCW Hotline ahead of his match tomorrow night. The duo surprisingly side with Windham as the next World Champion, citing his experience in the ring as well as at the side of Ric Flair for so many years.

“The Total Package” Lex Luger defeated Tony Mello via submission with the Torture Rack (1:43)

  • POST-MATCH: Luger does a Predator handshake with “The World’s Strongest Man” Bill Kazmaier, who watched the match in the front row wearing a Luger shirt.

“The Computerized Man of the 1990s” Terrence Taylor & Richard Morgan [w/ Alexandra York & Mr. Hughes] defeated Johnny Rich & Tommy Angel when Morton pinned Angel following a driving knee from the top (3:54)

The Hardliners (“Dirty” Dick Slater & Dick Murdoch) defeated Rob Morgan & Scotty Williams when Murdoch pinned Morgan following a brainbuster (3:52)

  • The Steiner Brothers are going to be forced to vacate the World Tag Team Title due to Scott Steiner’s injury; Ross knows what’s going to happen but you’ll have to call the WCW Hotline to find out. I don’t care THAT much.

-Ross hypes tonight’s World Championship Wrestling which will feature a six-man “Bounty for the Mask” match as The Yellow Dog teams with Ron Simmons & Bobby Eaton  to take on Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, & Steve Austin. Brave of the Dog to trust his partners not to want that bounty. Dangerously hypes his Danger Zone interview as well, which will be with Lex Luger.


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