[TV Rundown] ‘World Championship Wrestling’ 06.22.1991 – Steiner vs. Slater, DDP & TDS Want Some Z-Man

COMMENTATORS: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

This week’s World Championship Wrestling features Rick Steiner taking on Dick Slater, a surprisingly competitive match between Steve Austin and Sam Houston, and the beginnings of a feud that’s very much my sh*t as Diamond Dallas Page & The Diamond Studd make an enemy of the returning Z-Man.


  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
  • WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Jimmy “Jam” Garvin, & Badstreet)


  • Sam Houston vs. Steve Austin (**)
  • Mr. Hughes vs. Joey Maggs
  • IN-RING INTERVIEW: Jim Ross w/ The Z-Man
  • Sting vs. Bob Cook
  • VIGNETTE: The Desperados Part 3
  • Rick Steiner vs. Dick Slater (**1/4)
  • El Gigante vs. J.D. Wolf


-CLIP: Nikita Koloff attacks Sting at ringside (Clash of the Champions XV: Knocksville USA)

-Ross and Dangerously standing by at ringside, the former welcoming the home audience. Main event pits Scott Steiner against Dick Slater, which sounds HOSSY as f*ck and I’m excited. Dangerously says his “attack” on Jason Hervey was really just him accidentally tripping, and insincerely apologizes. 

Sam Houston vs. “Stunning” Steve Austin [w/ Lady Blossom]

Austin with an arrogant start, Houston bounces back and hits a series of armdrag takeovers that send the youngster (I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M SAYING THAT ABOUT STEVE AUSTIN) to the corner to regroup. Houston controls Austin with an armbar, Austin whips him off but gets taken back to the mat with an armdrag. Austin whips Houston in the corner, Houston comes out flying with a crossbody for the 1…2…Austin kicks out and catches Houston with a pair of kicks followed by a gutwrench suplex. Irish whip, sidewalk slam for the 1…2…Houston kicks out. Houston dodges Austin in the corner and fires off a pair of rights followed by a back elbow off an Irish whip. Austin ducks a clothesline and connects with a back elbow, sending Houston out to the floor. Austin distracts the ref, Lady Blossom hits Houston in the back with her shoe, distracting him and leaving him open with a double axhandle from the apron. Back in the ring Austin drives Houston to the mat with a lariat for the 1…2…3.

Steve Austin defeated Sam Houston via pinfall (4:06)

  • Well look at that, a competitive match to start off this week’s episode. Houston had a good run in the NWA and WWF back in the 80s, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that he was going to go out there and have a real match. This is good for Austin though, giving him a competitive win instead of a squash victory. Switching things up a bit. And nobody almost died from an errant Stun Gun to boot! (**)


Paul E. Dangerously is here to hype next month’s big PPV. New match announced: Sting will meet Nikita Koloff in a Russian Chain Match. Clip of Koloff hitting Sting with the chain at SuperBrawl and the post-match brawl to the parking lot. Also announced: The Steiner Brothers will team with Missy Hyatt against Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and…PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY in a Steel Cage! Clip of Hyatt attacking Dangerously at the end of an earlier episode of World Championship Wrestling. Dangerously guarantees this will be one war that’s settled at Great American Bash

-CLIP: Richard Morton turns on Robert Gibson after joining The York Foundation (Clash of the Champions XV: Knocksville USA).

Mr. Hughes [w/ Alexandra York & Richard Morton] defeated “Jumping” Joey Maggs via pinfall with a side slam (2:03)

  • Hughes offers a handshake, Maggs doesn’t take it so he gets a straight right to the teeth instead. Mr. Hughes does not tolerate rudeness.
  • POST-MATCH: Hughes tosses Maggs to the floor so he can celebrate with the Foundation. He is the BRUT of the Week.


Ross is here to interview “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk but before he does we go to last week’s show to see Zenk’s return win last week against Randy Barber.

Back “live” where Ross introduces Zenk, decked out in a suit. OH NO IS HE’S JOINING THE YORK FOUNDATION? THOMAS ZENK?!? Zenk thanks the fans for all their cards and letters during his time away rehabbing an injury, and is now back at 100%. The interview is interrupted by Diamond Dallas Page and The Diamond Studd. Zenk says it’s his interview time and calls Page rude for interrupting. Page tells Zenk the quickest way to get to the top is to look like you’ve already been there, like Diamond Studd does. Page mocks Zenk’s suit, Zenk attacks him but quickly gets leveled by Studd. Studd drills Zenk with a chokeslam, Page rips the suit off of Zenk’s body as the show goes to commercial.

  • A Tom Zenk/Diamond Studd feud is something I can definitely get behind, LET’S DO THIS.

-GREEN SCREEN PROMO: Sting is sick of Nikita Koloff and plans to do something about it tomorrow at the Omni in a Texas Death Match. Sounds cool. Wish I could watch it.

Sting defeated Bob Cook via submission with the Scorpion Death Lock (1:08)


Dutch Mantell tells Black Bart that Stan Hansen is a master of disguise but he’s looking for him. Bart mentions Hansen is the best shot in the state of Texas and they should practice their shooting to impress him once they meet. Bart shows off some gun spinning and they hit each other with their cowboy hats before hugging and jumping around. Bart says he’s not sure if Dead-Eye Dick needs to learn to shoot one of these DADGUM PISTOLS and Bart throws a rock at him to get his attention since he can’t see or hear. Bart demonstrates a quick draw, shooting a bottle, Mantell so impressed they hug and jump around some more. Dick tries to do it but drops his gun, then accidentally shoots the ground. Mantell wants to shoot him, Bart holds him back and says they will “learn ‘im”. Dick tries again and the bullet ricochets off the bell tower, knocking the Sheriff’s hat off. 

Cut to the Ghost Town jail, where Dick is now being held. Mantell and Bart slowly approach, guns drawn, towards the sleeping lawman. They grab the DADGUM keys and open the cell; they wake Dick up but he accidentally LOCKS THEM ALL IN, the keys on DADGUM table. 


-Ross is ringside with The Hardliners (Dick Murdoch & Dick Slater). Their attack at Knocksville USA has put Scott Steiner on the shelf so the advertised main event isn’t happening (BOO). The Hardliners demand a fight anyway, and it’s answered by Rick Steiner instead (YAY). Rick never backs down from anything and will put the titles on the line by himself. That’s not happening though.

Rick Steiner vs. Dick Slater [w/ “Dirty” Dick Murdoch]

Steiner is battling with an injured left arm but has no fear and goes after Slater with his one good wing, almost getting a pinfall off a back elbow. Slater goads Steiner into the corner and connects with a cheapshot, then focuses on the taped-up left wrist. Steiner tossed to the floor, Murdoch gets in a couple of cheapshots to the arm while Slater ties up the ref. Slater continues working the arm, wrapping across the middle rope as the crowd tries to wake Steiner up with “GO RICK GO” chants. Steiner fights back, Slater kicks the injured arm to stop the comeback. Steiner ducks a clothesline, drills Slater with a STEINERLINE. Murdoch runs in and breaks up the pinfall attempt with a chair.

Rick Steiner defeated Dick Slater via DQ (3:18)

  • Good match while it lasted; The Hardliners being a team that focuses all their offense on a limb is not the most interesting thing to watch but it’s a solid strategy and I can’t help but love watching two old shitkickers like Murdoch & Slater do their thing. Real bummed about Scott Steiner though, I hope his injury is either not as serious or a work. (**1/4)

The Hardliners continue working on the arm until Big Josh of all people makes the save with his axe handle. 

El Gigante defeated J.D. Wolf via pinfall with the Claw (1:20)

  • INSERT PROMO: Kevin Sullivan and One Man Gang make some veiled threats. Luger & Gigante are facing Flair & One Man Gang tomorrow night at the Omni. ANOTHER THING I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO SEE, EAT SH*T FOR NOT RECORDING YOUR HOUSE SHOWS WCW.
  • POST-MATCH: Kevin Sullivan attacks Gigante and holds him down for a pair of 747s from One Man Gang across the back. Ross signs off as Sullivan STARTS SHAVING GIGANTE’S HEAD. What a way to conclude your show.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid episode as usual from World Championship Wrestling; good stuff between Rick Steiner and The Hardliners, a new feud I’m actually interested in with Z-Man/Diamond Studd, and a surprisingly competitive opening match. Good times.


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