[TV Rundown] ‘World Championship Wrestling’ 06.29.1991 – Bounty Match, Austin in Action

COMMENTATORS: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously

World Championship Wrestling this week features a Bounty Match as Ric Flair & The Diamond Studd take on The Yellow Dog & Bobby Eaton, with Dog’s mask the target. Also on the show new TV Champ Steve Austin makes an appearance, Johnny B. Badd continues showing that his kiss don’t miss, and Missy Hyatt goes full scathe on Paul E. Dangerously.


  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Stunning” Steve Austin
  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
  • WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Jimmy “Jam” Garvin, & Badstreet)


  • Johnny B. Badd vs. Rick Ryder
  • PN News vs. Dave Johnson
  • GREEN SCREEN INTERVIEW: Jim Ross w/ Nikita Koloff
  • CLIP: Steve Austin wins the Television Title (Worldwide – 6.29.91)
  • Steve Austin vs. Ricky Nelson
  • VIGNETTE: The Desperados Part 4
  • BOUNTY MATCH: The Yellow Dog & Bobby Eaton vs. Ric Flair & The Diamond Studd (**1/4)
  • Lex Luger vs. Doug Vines


-Ross and Dangerously welcome the home audience at ringside. Bounty Match scheduled for tonight, Dangerously talks about the mixed tag team match scheduled for The Great American Bash and how he’s willing to risk permanent injury because he hates Missy Hyatt’s guts. Cut to pre-recorded comments from Hyatt who says the one he should worry about the most is herself.

Johnny B. Badd [w/ Theodore R. Long] defeated Rick Ryder via pinfall with a left hook (2:12)

  • POST-MATCH: Badd plants a glitter-covered lip sticker as the Kiss Did Not Miss.


Paul E. Dangerously quickly runs through the three matches already announced for the PPV, then announces a new match: El Gigante will take on One Man Gang. Clip of Gigante and Gang brawling at SuperBrawl, the former putting the latter on the stretcher that was originally meant for (and not used by) Sid Vicious. Kevin Sullivan throws powder in Gigante’s eyes, Gang throws the gurney on him. 

Dangerously goes on to announce three more matches: Oz vs. ???, Big Josh vs. Black Blood in a Lumberjack Match, and Richard Morton vs. Robert Gibson. Clip from Knocksville USA of Morton’s attack on Gibson.

“The Rapmaster” PN News defeated Dave Johnson via pinfall with the Broken Record (1:57)

  • INSERT PROMO: Johnny B. Badd says it’ll be a blessin’ to teach PN News a lesson for he is a bug ugly bear. 
  • News goes for a belly-to-belly but he and Johnson just sorta run into each other so they run the spot again. Awkward. 

-GREEN SCREEN INTERVIEW: Ross is standing by with “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff. Koloff reiterates his attack on Sting at SuperBrawl was due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time as he was aiming for Luger. Clip of the attack followed by the brawl into the parking lot. Ross then asks about the attack from Pro earlier in the month but that one was on purpose. RUDE. Since we’re on TBS the footage is being touted as from Power Hour. Back to Ross and Koloff, Koloff says he should have the U.S. Title around his waist which for some reason justifies his attack on Sting during the Lookalike Contest winner segment at Knocksville USA. That didn’t make any sense. Back to Koloff who once again says he will once again be U.S. Champion but will also beat up Sting. COOL, FOCUS ON YOUR FEUD DUMMY.

-CLIP: Steve Austin beats Bobby Eaton to win the WCW World Television Championship (Worldwide – 6.29.91)

“Stunning” Steve Austin [w/ Lady Blossom] defeated Ricky Nelson via pinfall with the Stun Gun (2:13)

  • Austin makes his first title defense tomorrow against The Z-Man on Main Event.
  • INSERT PROMO: Bobby Eaton is not here to cry over spilt milk, he’s going to get the belt back around his waist.


Dutch Mantell, Black Bart, & Dead-Eye Dick are around a campfire making dinner. Mantell says he could feel that Stan Hansen was in town but they missed him due to being stuck in jail. Dick gives Mantell and Bart some beans; Dick loves them but Mantell and Bart are not impressed. They smell something foul but it ain’t the beans and they slap Dick with their hats.

The Yellow Dog & “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton vs. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair & The Diamond Studd [w/ Diamond Dallas Page]

The “bounty” is on Yellow Dog’s mask as Barry Windham somehow thinks he’s the same person as Brian Pillman. Not sure where he’s getting that though, I don’t see it. Flair and Studd getting in some practice before they reunite at Survivor Series ‘92.

Flair backs Eaton into the corner, gives him a WOO. Eaton responds with a right hand, champ immediately creates distance to reset. Poke to the eye, Flair lays in chops and Eaton responds with rights that led into a backdrop out of the corner. Eaton drives the champ down to the mat with a clothesline, Dog gets in a cheapshot then tags in proper, Flair bailing to the floor to get away. Flair and Dog trade chops, Dog wins the shootout and follows up with count-along rights in the corner. Corner whip, Flair eats another backdrop and Dog follows up with a shoulderblock. Flair begs off, Studd attacks Dog from behind. Dog blocks a hip toss, turns it into a backslide for the 1…2…Flair kicks out and quickly tags in Studd. Dog connects with chops but misses a dropkick. Flair tags in, Dog hits a flying a clothesline and Eaton tags back in to light the Nature Boy up with jabs. Corner whip, Flair flips to the apron and gets dropped with a right hand, Flair Flop on the protective mats. 

Flair whips Eaton into the guardrail and connects with a series of chops. Eaton fights back with rights as he does, another Flair Flop. Dog tags in, flips out of a belly-to-back and rolls Flair up with an O’Connor for the 1…2…Studd breaks it up. Studd tags in, side slam for the 1…2…Dog barely kicks out. Dog tries a sunset flip, Studd tags before he goes down and another chop war breaks out. Flair drops down and tags in Studd, Dog ducks a clothesline and gets dropped with a “modified” crossbody. Flair quickly tags back in and heads to the top, Dog slams him off and hits a flying crossbody but Studd breaks up the pin with an elbow. Studd sends Eaton into the post, then he and Flair go after Dog’s mask but Eaton makes the save before it can happen. Neckbreaker to Flair, Studd cleared from the ring with rights. Flair and Studd bail, ref wakes up from his coma and calls for the bell.

The Yellow Dog & Bobby Eaton defeated Ric Flair & The Diamond Studd via DQ (9:54)

  • Fun match, I like WCW mixing in Studd with the higher-level talent to elevate him a little bit. Totally deserved, one of the only guys on the roster who looks like a star without having to see him wrestle (which he also can). I know we’re running out of Flair matches soon for a couple of years and that bums me out. I’m gonna miss him. (**1/4)

“The Total Package” Lex Luger defeated Doug Vines via submission with the Torture Rack (2:14)

  • POST-MATCH: Ross interviews Luger at ringside. Luger says this time around Flair is going to be dominated like he’s never been dominated before (hawt). It’s Luger Time.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Bounty Match was fun and I’m weirdly fascinated with this Johnny B. Badd/PN News feud that’s going on. 

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