[TV Rundown] ‘Worldwide’ 5.11.91 – Rapmaster Debuts, Josh/Rich vs. Anderson/Taylor

COMMENTATORS: Tony Schiavone & Gordon Solie

NOTE: The footage I used for this episode kept hiccupping and fast-forwarding so match times may not be as accurate as I’d like them to be. I’m sure you don’t care but I do.

This week on Worldwide Big Josh teams with friend Tommy Rich to take on the team of Arn Anderson and Terrence Taylor. Also on the show P.N. News makes his WCW debut and Ric Flair and Brian Pillman wreck the f*ck out of each other with chops.


  • WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson
  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
  • WCW WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Ricky Morton, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich, & The Junkyard Dog


  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Kevin Katlyn & Pat Powers
  • RINGSIDE INTERVIEW: Sting & Lex Luger
  • Dustin Rhodes vs. Bob Cook
  • Ric Flair vs. Rick Ryder
  • P.N. News vs. Terry Bronson
  • GREEN SCREEN PROMO: Brian Pillman & Barry Windham
  • Big Josh & Tommy Rich vs. Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor (**1/4)
  • Nikita Koloff vs. Larry Santo
  • El Gigante vs. Tony Mella


-Various talking heads involved in the PPV hype SuperBrawl.

-Schiavone and Solie welcome the home audience at ringside. Big Josh & Tommy Rich are taking on Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor in tag team action.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner) defeated Kevin Katlyn & Pat Powers when Scott Steiner pinned Katlyn following a Doomsday Bulldog (1:30)

  • Rick Steiner didn’t even bother putting his kneepads on for this one. THE DISRESPECT.

-RINGSIDE INTERVIEW: Schiavone is joined by Sting & “The Total Package” Lex Luger. Sting calls The Steiners unreal, kings of suplexes, but he and Luger are not chopped liver. He loves Rick & Scotty, they are like brothers, but he just wants to win at SuperBrawl. Luger says their match is about being the best and they want to test themselves against The Steiners. It’s about laying it all on the line. Sting: “FEELS GOOD, PACKAGE!”

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes defeated Bob Cook via pinfall with the Bulldog (2:26)

  • Alexandra York and Hughes show up ringside to take notes on the COM-PEW-TOR. Jeez York, if you like him so much why don’t you marry him? Wait…

Rick Ryder defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair via DQ (0:45)

  • INSERT PROMO: Flair yells his catchphrases at Tatsumi Fujinami to hype SuperBrawl.
  • Flair tosses Ryder over the top rope and the ref calls for the bell. RICK RYDER HAS DEFEATED THE WORLD CHAMPION.
  • POST-MATCH: Flair keeps the attack on, ending with the Figure Four. Brian Pillman makes the save, lighting Flair up with chops and a back bodydrop. Pillman sends Flair to the floor, where he FLOPS before retreating. ANNOUNCE RICK RYDER AS THE WINNER YOU COWARDS.

-SUPERBRAWL CONTROL CENTER: Solie runs down the entire card scheduled for next week, which now includes the debuting Oz against Tim “Powerhouse” Parker. I’m all about Parker getting that PPV money. The Steiner Brothers and Sting & Lex Luger have stuff to say about their Tag Team Title match. Sting likes pain and wants both the Steinerline and Frankensteiner. Jeez. Diamond Dallas Page hypes up his Diamond Mine segment…with Sid Vicious, and not Sting & Luger as Solie said. Heh? Solie focuses on Ric Flair vs. Tatsumi Fujinami. Flair hypes the match up via green screen promo as well as SuperBrawl itself. Something about limousines and walking aisles. You know the drill.

“The Rapmaster” P.N. News makes his WCW debut, ahead of World Championship Wrestling tonight as advertised, and does a little rap for everyone. It’s terrible and does not sync with the music at all. I love everything about it.

“The Rapmaster” P.N. News defeated Terry Bronson via pinfall with a top rope splash (0:42)

  • News calls for his music to hit as he hits his splash. Solie thinks News is a great rapper, Solie is the best.

-GREEN SCREEN PROMO: Brian Pillman and Barry Windham talk their Taped Fist Match at SuperBrawl via split-screen/headsets. Pillman warns Windham that he’ll be choking on his blood (DAMN DUDE), Windham tells him it’ll be Flyin’ Brian’s final match of his career. Boy if this doesn’t end up being a bloodbath at SuperBrawl I’m going to…deal with it because in the grand scheme of things it’s fine.

Big Josh & “Wildfire” Tommy Rich vs. “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “The Computerized WRESTLER of the 1990s” Terrence Taylor [w/ Alexandra York & Mr. Hughes]

Josh and Anderson fought to a time limit draw last week on Main Event so there’s some history here. York is likely “scouting” Anderson for The York Foundation but pfft good luck with that he’s a winner.

Rich clears the ring early with a pair of dropkicks, forcing Taylor to seek COM-PEW-TOR advice. The screen reads “win the match” probably. Rich connects with a hip toss, Anderson tags in and wants Josh. Josh is happy to oblige. Josh catches Anderson with a left end, dropping the TV Champ on his ass. I love Arn’s boxing sells. Taylor tags in, Josh slams him and log rolls. The audio is NOT synced up on this show and it’s tripping me up. Josh drops Anderson, Rich tags in and goes to work on Taylor. Rich reverses a corner Irish whip, Taylor dodges a corner splash and the heels are in control. Rich reverses an Irish whip and hits the Thesz Press for the 1…2…Taylor makes the save. Josh grabs his axe handle out of anger, distracting the ref, and allowing Anderson to DDT Rich on the COM-PEW-TOR for the 1…2…3.

Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor defeated Big Josh & Tommy Rich via pinfall (4:44)

  • Good TV match. Anderson and Taylor worked well as a team here which shouldn’t be surprising since Anderson on the Mt. Rushmore of tag team wrestlers. Josh’s lumberjack temper cost he and Rich the match, which should make Wildfire angry but I doubt it will. He seems like an understanding guy. (**1/4)

After the match Solie says that the COM-PEW-TOR may have soft some of its software due to being used as a weapon, which could come in handy for Dustin Rhodes at SuperBrawl. Love it, props to Solie for adding some oomph to that match.

“The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff defeated Larry Santo via pinfall with the Russian Sickle (1:32)

  • Santo gets a couple of clubs in but he’s no match for this nightmare of Russia.
  • Schiavone says Luger is still the U.S. Champion but both received fines from their actions at the Meadowlands.
  • POST-MATCH: Koloff continues beating Santo up until he rolls out of the ring.

-RINGSIDE INTERVIEW: Schiavone is with Nikita Koloff. Koloff vows to defeat Tommy Rich at SuperBrawl, and says he’s got a lot of interest in what LEX LOOOOOOGAH is doing that night.

El Gigante defeated Tony Mella via pinfall with the Claw (0:29)

  • Gigante no-sells Mella’s weak shots and wins quickly with the Claw.
  • POST-MATCH: Kevin Sullivan chains himself to the ring post and dares Gigante to attack him. This leaves him open a sneak attack from The Angel of Death (WHO?) who gets Clawed. One Man Gang attacks Gigante from behind, Gigante puts him in the Claw and Sullivan drops him from behind with the chain. Sullivan and Angel hold Gigante down, Gang splashes him with the 747. Out comes Ron Simmons to make the (very late) save. Simmons and Gigante high five as the heels stare them down from the floor.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid highlight tag team match, good end of show storyline to probably set up for Gigante/Simmons vs. Gang/Angel of Death. Who the hell is Angel of Death though? You can’t just debut a guy all willy nilly like that. Well I guess you can, they just did it, but BOO ANYWAY. All that plus the debut of P.N. News made this a breezy and fun episode.

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